How To Hit Consistent Irons Pure And Stop Hitting Behind The Ball

How to hit consistent Irons Stop Hitting behind the ball with your irons and If you want to know how to hit Itons flush, stop Chunking your irons, hitting the ball fat, whatever you call it, this golf lesson will give the FASTEST way to stop hitting behind the golf ball and all you need is a line in the bunker.

Hitting your iron shots sucks! And this video lesson will have striking ball then turf quicker than you can say “Chunkysauras”

One key golf swing tip to hit your irons pure is about how to weight transfer in the golf swing, especially the downswing. This will move the low point of your swing swing past the ball, enabling to get ball first solid contact.

How to use the wrists in the golf swing to hit irons pure as well.. by allowing unhinging will teach you how to hit irons consistently.

In this golf lesson you will learn How the golf swing is a circle and we want to maintain that and help a consistent low point with your strikes so you can get ball first contact and hit irons consistently no matter if you are a beginner golf tips or a golf swing for seniors.