As promised here is your very important introduction to the S.I.M.P.L.E process with the driver.

So you see a brief intro into our unique SIMPLE process that soon you will be applying to every golf shot.

  • S – Strategy
  • I – intermediate point and intention. Picking a spot dead in to your target and shot shape you want. This is crucial because we have binocular vision
  • M – Matching t​he Shot the whole set up, takeaway and and ball position to allow an efficient turn and arm flow to the ​match the ​S and I
  • P – Practice Performing the task. Prediction And Precision this is where your swing takes place.
  • L – Let it be. Trust your swing is now. If you do not trust everything you are trying to solve world peace, think about the argument with the wife. go strain free to the target and release. Have to trust and
  • E – Evaluate