THIS Strange Stance Tweak Makes The Golf Swing A LOT Easier

THIS Strange Stance Tweak Makes The Golf Swing A LOT Easier

Golf can be exhilarating and challenging in equal measure. A tweak here. An adjustment there. It’s a ceaseless journey to hit the ball cleaner, straighter, and with effortless power. Today, I’m spilling the beans on a strange stance adjustment that has proven transformative for many of my students’ swings. When they observe the nuanced movement on camera, their jaws drop in awe. Oh, and the best part? It’s surprisingly straightforward.

The Tweak That Changes Everything

First, let’s get one thing out of the way. Whether you’re wielding a club like Excalibur or brandishing an alignment stick as if you’re a golfing wizard, the principle remains the same. Imagine setting the tool across your shoulders, now adjust your feet—not to your standard comfortable width—go wide. Even wider than you think is necessary. It’s about overemphasizing the feeling at first.

The Wide-Stance Backswing Explained

Before diving into shots, practice the backswing. Here's the drill to ingrain the movement:1. Adopt the extra wide stance.2. Make a backswing without a ball.3. Feel for the pressure in your legs and pelvic area.

Why all the fuss about going wide? As your right hip elevates slightly (for right-handed golfers), you’ll feel braced firmly within the arc of your swing. It’s akin to cocking a mighty spring, ready to unleash untapped power onto the unsuspecting golf ball. And indeed, moving through the ball becomes trickier with this stance—however, that’s precisely the magic of it.

When you extend too early, or as we commonly see, lunge forward with your body or aggressively rotate your hips, your swing bears the brunt. Now, with the extra width anchoring you, those swing-ruining impulses have nowhere to hide.

Swing Into Action

“Swap an alignment stick for your club, and you’re ready to mold that muscle memory.”

Once you’ve had a few trials with the stick, proceed with your club. With your newfound wide stance, hone in on backswings that savor the turn of your body. Watch out for cheating the movement—if there’s pressure in the thighs, that’s okay, but aim for the inside of your heels to be the real pressure points. If your hips tighten, give your right foot a slight outward nudge. This tweak champions hip rotation without overburdening the knee.

Perform the swings and feel the essence of a solid base twined with a wide-reaching arc.

Dialing It Down

You won’t be hitting full-blown shots from the outset, and that’s intentional. This exercise is about grasping the feeling of a stable and centralized swing. Visualize a pole running through your spine, exiting between your shoulders; your movement coils around this axis. No unnecessary hand acrobatics—just a dependable, repeatable swing path, coming and going.

Use this concept to makeover your swing:1. Start with exaggerated wide-stance swings.2. Gradually narrow the stance with each subsequent shot.3. Revert back to a wider stance if you detect too much movement.

Strive for a sensation that mimics the drill’s width and sturdiness, albeit in a more functional in-game form. As you begin inching the stance in, be vigilant. If you discern excessive sway, broaden your base once more; it’s likely indicative of your sweet spot.

The Driving Range to The Fairways

Applying this on the range is only the preamble. The true litmus test comes on the greens and fairways under clear skies or the sting of adverse weather. If you’re grappling with stability and find yourself haphazardly off-kilter post-swing, this tactic promises a staunch anchor. Wide stances in practice morph into solid, balanced finishes when it counts.

On-Course Application

During a round, leverage the wide-stance practice to foster stability:1. Integrate extra wide stances during warm-up swings.2. Gradually narrow while preserving the core sensation.3. Apply the stable, wide-arc sensation to live shots.

Unlock Your Golfing Potential

By adopting this drill, your swing dynamics can shift dramatically, making the game feel more natural and less a battle against physics and your own body mechanics. It’s not just about moving the needle in your game—it’s about redefining the very essence of how you swing.

Remember, check out our next lesson if you’re itching to make your swing even easier. It’s all about layering these foundations for a swing that looks as effortless as it feels. Until then, hit ’em long, hit ’em straight, and, above all, savor the journey of refinement that is the great game of golf.