Add More Power By Natural Design With These Simple Golf Swing Tips & Principles

You want golf swing power but you don’t want it by sacrificing consistency and you definitely don’t want it hurting your body by forcing it.

That sentence above is common sense, however it’s often overlooked or even just ignored when most of you are trying to find more distance and yards off the tee and with your irons.

Even golf instructors as a whole try and give golf lessons and swing tips to give more power for golf but follow data extracted from PGA Tour players ball flight statistics.

Very unrealistic to try and teach 99% of the golf population using that as the standard.

What I am more interested in is helping YOU play your ideal golf game that gives you more distance and consistency using YOUR bodies abilities and natural mechanics and instincts. In addition, as with all of our golf instruction, it will help you improve without hurting your body too.

Enjoy this video with Andy Gorman and myself demonstrating how the body will work and flow if you allow it.

We take lessons from life and everyday actions to show you how golf be simple and it can feel effortless on the body and the brain.

So please try and feel how a pitcher would throw the ball, this my friend is how you should feel your body wind up not just in the action itself, but the tempo and rhythm of the action too. This is one key to consistent and increase of distances for you.

simple golf swing tips distance

Hopefully this simple golf lesson will give you a lightbulb moment and help you swing with more freedom and add more power and distance to your golf game.

As mentioned in the video, a principle of power is part of the Stroke to Swing golf learning system to help your build seamless, natural and solid golf game from the putting stroke to the power drive.

Connect the dots and play better golf now.

This is golf. Simplified.

Your friend and coach,

Alex Fortey


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