How To Stop Slicing On The Course:

Quick Fixes For The Slice With Alistair Davies; Golf Monthly Top 25 Coaches and Contributor for the Art of Simple Golf.

The slice is very common but the good news is there is a way to get you swing back on track and the ball flying a little straighter to help you salvage a potentially bad and frustrating round.

There are some simple errors that cause rounds like this. For example when a slice attacks, too often you allow for the shape more and more, exacerbating the issue and soon enough you begin slicing more and more!

So we need a quick fix to tackle this fear head on.

We all strive for perfection but that doesn’t always mean the same thing to all people, expectations differ golfer to golfer. With this in mind think about your ball flight on course and for example a player who slices the ball.

Sometimes this be more like a fade and that might be there perfection, but on other days it might be a out of control slice.

So what should you do on course to manage this!?!

Ideally play with or or make a tiny change to make it playable. The key is to critically reflect as to the exact ball flight.

Most slicers over compensate by aiming left and make the mistake of still focussing there attention on the target.

How To Stop Slicing On The Course: Quick Fixes For The Slice

This makes there hand eye coordination go into overtime and makes the slice worse.

So we need to take the right action to play better.

The key is to simply swing left and place your attention to hit the ball left, therefore matching the path and face more closely.

Watch the video to see the practice swing change you should also do!

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