Choose ONE To Hit Bunker Shots Perfectly (Crazy Simple Techniques)

How to hit Bunker Shots perfectly in this simple bunker lesson to YOUR ideal bunker shot technique. Hee Alex Fortey shows you 3 ways to set up to get out of a bunker and splash it close with consistency and backspin control.

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So if are wondering how to. play a bunker shot, choose one of these methods.
Plus stick around in the video to know how to set up your weight in the bunker.
It may not turn you into Phil Mickleson or Tiger Woods, but this is the best bunker lesson .

Stand Open to play a greenside bunker is the common method of what golf instruction has said in PGA lessons for years.. but it has downsides.
Stand closed set up technique to play a bunker shot is unusual but an effective golf tip.
Being square at address too can work wonders.

Learn the best bunker shot technique and choose your method that works for you!

If you want the simplest bunker lesson;
The Only Simple Simple Bunker Lesson You Need

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