Don’t Resist Trail Leg In Golf Backswing – GET THIS CORRECT & GET INSTANT RESULTS

Backswing for golf power and consistency. For 90% of golfers, if you don’t Resist Trail Leg In backswing you will see instant results in the flow of your golf swing, how much turn you can make and get into the powerful, strain free backswing position to deliver solid golf shots.

If you want to have the best golf backswing for many years to come and that is good for a senior golf swing and PGA tour players alike… Holding onto the flex into your trail leg whilst you make your backswing is killing your golf swing.

In this backswing golf video we show you how to do the best backswing including your power, control, your body and consistency using our golf backswing drills. Today we will show you how to fix your golf backswing and this ideal for senior golf swing too.

What is a a simple golf and a good Golf Backswing?
The backswing is a swing sequence that takes place immediately after the takeaway and will bring your club up until it reaches the top of the swing. But we don;t want oo much resistance.

A good golf swing is one that can be said to exhibit good rhythm. This naturally occurs in swings that move from one step to the next in one smooth motion. Of particular importance is the pace set for the backswing as it compares to the one seen in the downswing. Specifically, the backswing should take slightly more time to progress than the downswing.

Or in other words, the pace set for the club to go from address to the top of the swing should be slower than the pace for the clubhead to come down from the top to the impact point at the ball. This is in contrast to the opposite, which constitutes the dreaded deceleration, or ‘decel’ swing error.

Alex Fortey from the Art of Simple Golf gives you a simple golf tip to improve your golf swing Enjoy this golf video to help you get closer to having a perfect golf swing.. YOUR perfect golf swing
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