Fadlo’s Weird Powderpuff Golf Swing Is VERY Effective


Hey there, my name is Alex Fortey, the founder of The Art of Simple Golf and in this video I’m going to show you a weird trick that Nick Faldo uses to hit the ball straighter. Some people might think it’s strange, but it actually works really well. So if you’re looking for a way to improve your golf game, stick around and I’ll show you what he does for perfect golf swing tempo.

There is something destroying your golf swing, and I wager you haven’t even considered it. You’ve been chasing all the technical solutions for your golf swing, getting frustrated. But if you overlook this one thing, you are gonna stay frustrated and stay inconsistent. I am talking about tempo, but don’t think it’s boring because if your tempo is quick or if it is snatching, your shots are gonna be so much worse.

The reason I know that you are overlooking tempo is because of the thousands of golfers I’ve helped across the world really ever pay attention to tempo. And it doesn’t mean to swing slow, it doesn’t mean to swing soft, but that is the starting point. Find your tempo and I promise you your game will skyrocket. Who do we admire? Ernie Els, Fred Couples, people like this. VJ Singh, smooth swings that look like you can just do them for days without worry, but they still deliver power.

Tempo in your golf swing a key that most golfers overlook… it’s a secret weapon for more power and golf swing speed as well as reliable consistency. It should be a foundation of your game to make sure it’s as ideal for you and to maintain it. With every shot from irons to driver. Swinging Slower To Hit The Ball Farther

Have you ever been in a situation on the golf course where you hit the ball short distances AND it just goes to the right or left? If so, you’re not alone. In fact, most amateur golfers have trouble hitting the ball straight let alone longer and straighter. And here we are about swing slower to hit the golf ball farther. However, there is a tip from Nick Faldo that can help you overcome this problem – and it’s a bit weird and he calls it Powder puff or power puff.