Graff Golf Smart Ball

As you are aware our mission is to make sure your golf improvement journey is kept within the boundaries of relatability, simplicity, efficiency—and of course, having fun!

This is to ensure that you can play much better golf, enjoy the journey that it provides, and relish the challenge for many, many years to come—seeing actual improvement, without confusion.

It takes a lot for me to recommend other resources, training aids and equipment that the golf industry churns out, as too often they’ve proven to be both a waste of time and money.

But today, I’m introducing you to something that is literally a game-changer.

A game-changer for you, the individual golfer—but also for the entire golf industry.

Graff Golf was founded by three Johns Hopkins University student-athletes set on bringing more technology into the game of golf.

Now a core of five (including yours truly), we are working hard to bring our smart golf ball and mobile app platform to you and golfers across the world.

This will be a complete revolution in golf improvement, growth of the game, and innovation. And Graff has recently brought me on as Head of Golf.

Let me tell you a little bit more about it.

graff golf app

We’re developing a smart golf ball and mobile app experience that will enable you to analyze every shot, track your rounds, and ultimately improve your game. The ball is embedded with a unique, proprietary chip complete with components that record ball speed, launch angle, distance, and spin.

With these key statistics, we’re able to deliver many useful data points that are currently only available to professionals.

All the shot analytics are delivered to the you through the Graff smartphone app in an easy, fun, and intuitive way.

Using the app, you can see many different aspects of your game such as club-specific distances, average putts per green, your most efficient clubs, and potential improvement areas. Within the improvement areas, the app will suggest areas of your game that need work, why—and most importantly—the best way to fix them.

The Graff Golf Ball is also embedded with Bluetooth technology, combining sound and relative-positioning to make losing balls a thing of the past.

We are aiming for a launch by Christmas, and cannot wait to get this amazing technology in your hands!

So there’s my first announcement and I will be keeping you in the progress loop leading up to launch.

Now here’s where you come in:

1) Follow our journey. Head over the site to learn more about the product and subscribe to our newsletter. If you subscribe to the newsletter today, you’ll be one of the first golfers to receive the product—and you’ll receive it for 20% off. Just go to:

2) Survey. As a thank you for joining and believing in us so early, we want to give each one of you a voice in this company and the ability to communicate what you deem as important and valuable. The survey contains three questions regarding features, analytics, and use cases.

This is Golf. Innovated and Simplified.
Your friend and coach
Alex Fortey