Is golf too expensive?

Alex Fortey from the Art of Simple Golf answers a question that is often asked about the value of golf, the price equipment is and if it’s worth the high ticket value as well as the golf club membership and course fees to golf lessons from a local pro. Is golf still for the fortunate few?

Though almost every other sport requires fees for the upkeep of a pitch or court, golf courses requires a more meticulous maintenance because the golf game itself is very dependent on the natural factors of the golf course. Such instances like the presence of a stone, the cut of the grass, and presence (or absence) of trees that can cut wind direction can affect a ball’s movement, therefore also defining game play.

You cannot walk on the golf courses and so you would have to rent a golf cart which again is expensive. Since Tiger Woods has come on the scene, there has been this push to make golf more accessible and affordable, but there are still clubs being built that cost way too much to play.

Social aspect is also one of the major reasons. Golf became the unofficial past time of business world in many parts of the world.

Golf gear is also expensive. The materials involved in the manufacture of clubs is expensive. Steel, graphite, titanium are all premium priced materials.

What are your thoughts?