Less is More For The Wrists In The Golf Swing

golf swing wrist hinge simple tip

We want simplicity, having less to think about when you just stand there and trust that you can hit a golf shot is only a good thing because too many swing thoughts, trying to place positions.

You can’t “swing” your way around a golf course… You have to react to the target.

So we need a swing that is simpler.

And this golf lesson on how to use the wrists hinge in golf swing is perfect to take to the course today to hit irons more consistently, longer drives and a simple short game you can trust. You just need to take the wrists out of the golf swing.

In a nutshell, all we’re trying to do is take the hands out of the swing a little bit.

We want to be feeling like the golf club, the grip and the hands are more following what the body is doing.

Even if you try and keep rigid with your wrists, you are still going to have some amount of hinge in it.

Especially if you keep just a slight suppleness in the wrists, we want to take the movement out of our wrist to reduce the variable, cause it’s going to make it just a little bit easier, a little bit simpler for you to just strike the ball out the center of the face, without worrying too much about hinging the wrist.

I don’t mean that you have to be dead, straight and rigid….

but Alex, you always say you’ve got to have supple wrists in the golf swing?!

Yes, but this is for those of you who are doing it too much.

If you don’t try and move them, but keep supple on this, you’re gonna get plenty of speed, but we’re looking for consistent contact.

That’s what this is about.

Here’s what we cover in this golf lesson video. 


We want flow in our swing, but we also want some form of structure that reduces variables. Whether that’s the wrists, whether that’s the arms, whether that’s the rotation.

So give this wrist hinge tip for your golf swing a tray and see how much more consistent you can be.

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