Master The Downswing Sequence | Great Drill Get A Smooth Transition For Power And Consistency

Downswing sequence drill that is perhaps my favorite and best drill for downswing.

We like simple golf tips but also simple golf swing drills to help refine the feels you need for effortless power and timing in your transition.

So if you have been struggling with your golf swing downswing or wondering how to transition for golf speed, this golf drill is perfect.

Yeah, the simple golf. I’ve got a really quick thing for you today that is going to help your sequence, help you dial in your swing before you even play. And that’s why I’m just standing here. This is something you can do at home before you hit balls or during around it’s multi-use. And that’s why I love prescribing this so much. And it is about getting the sequence of your dancing. So you can time your release for power. You want power, but you want consistency and we want it to feel smooth, smooth as silk.

Okay. And that happens with just this one field. Let’s find out what it is

Going to go into this more in depth in the future, because it’s connected to a few other things, but this is a drill that I want you to try right now. So if you can get a handkerchief, a glove whatever it might be.

Okay. And a golf club doesn’t matter what golf club it is. I’ve just got my Hogan PTX pros here, like the six iron you can use the driver pitching wedge doesn’t really matter, but this swing sequence drill is going to highlight some of your faults, probably. So don’t feel too bad. But when you kind of get that feeling, it’s going to go, ah, ha okay, now I get it a little bit. Okay. That’s the idea. That’s what we want. We want it to feel natural.

All right. So what is this fixing?

Basically, what is fixing is the tendency for people, regardless of where you are on the backswing, it’s a tendency to hit down very hard to hit at the golf ball. And you might’ve been told to, you know, bring the left arm in. You’ve got to really sort of tuck that right arm in and then rotate Hogan did it very much where it was like, okay, bring that right elbow in and then rotate. Okay. There’s elements of that, that are of course very beneficial. But what happens is from the top of the swing, most people jam their arms in stall, the lower body, and then kind of stuck here.

And then the only thing that can really happen is either two things, one shove it through with the body, or just flip the hands and the lower body stalls. That’s sort of like a rescue mission at that point.

Cause we are just too narrow and maybe you’re coming over the top and it’s like this, we too steep. We’re trying to get that elbow in to stay connected. Okay. Or just trying to swing too hard from the top, getting jabbed in, getting stuck. Doesn’t really sound too good. It does that sound like something you’re doing. If it does, then you are going to love this drill. Okay. This drill, as I said, you can use a handkerchief.

You can use pretty much anything. All we’re looking for is something to slide along the shaft of the golf club here. Okay. Because with our trail trail arm, my case, it’s the right I’m using the back of the glove. So it’s sliding. And the reason why I’m using your glove is because it’s in my golf bag. So what we want to try and feel here now, I want you to do this, actually do it.

Split handy grip, hold the, the device that you have to be able to slide. Okay. And I want you to, I want you to do is make a back swing and sort of feel like you’re pulling and stretching a little bit here. Okay? So you see how those arms are separated to touch. So we’re allowing a bit of stretch this way. Okay. Now I want you to make you a normal down swing. Okay.

I’m going to wait. I might not wait right here, but I’m going to wait. You make your normal downstream towards the ball. Okay? Make your normal down. Swing towards the ball. And I want you to notice something after you’ve done it. Yeah. A couple of times, at what point is your hands re joining. Okay. At what point are your hands rejoining? As you make that transition down, are they rejoining up here?

Are they rejoining down here? Where are they connecting back up? Because what that’s doing is showing that your arms, body, hands timing is either good or not. So good. Should we put it that way? What we don’t want is this sort of look from here where we’re there. Okay. Where we’re jamming it in that way, where it’s a smash and then swing through. So it’s a elbow down. So it moves. That’s the first thing to move down. And then we swing through. We want it to be gradual. Okay. We want this sensation to be, oh, so gradual. See that we want the feel to be gradual. And what that’s going to do is sequence your golf swing wonderfully. So as you swing to the top, we’re not here. We’re not jabbing in. We’re not getting stuck like this. Okay. We are allowing those hands to rejoin just at impact and then swing you through, okay, what does this do?

Obviously, you’re not going to hit shots like this, but what this drill is going to do is emphasize a smoother transition where everything is keeping its width, but we’ve got that sort of natural lag and momentum with the width that we want. We’re not getting stuck. We’re not getting narrow. We have a smooth transition of a downswing that gives you time. That gives you power. That gives you the confidence that you don’t have to rush this shot, especially from the top. Okay. We of course want movement.

So by the time you’ve kind of got to halfway back. Your intention will be to swing something that way. Okay. But we don’t want to jar it like this. We don’t want those hands snapping back in getting tight. We want it to feel gradual. And this drill will really enhance that feeling for you. Okay? So the more you can practice this to have those arms meet, you’re going to be in a much better spot because the hands are sort of staying in front of the body. You see that we’ve got width. It’s wonderful for the driver. It’s wonderful for pretty much every single club. And it’s great to do before you hit any shots before you play, whatever. All right. Try that out. I think you’re going to enjoy a lot. Use it as much as you like, just try it out right now. But the feeling is those hands working and meeting together by the time you get to impact. And then when you’ve kind of enhanced, feel

A little bit, we just want to feel that same sensation. All right. Hope you enjoyed it. Let me know, click the link below for a free series and I’ll see you next time.

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