Make One Small Change To Your Golf Swing For Pure Strikes

A simple golf swing needs to be consistent but also deliver a better golf swing and ball striking results for effortless power and how to strike irons pure and driver launching longer and straighter.

Alex Fortey shares 2 simple golf swing drills to improve your golf swing impact and do what the PGA Tour pros can do. Plus you see a demonstration of the Precision impact trainer.

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Your ball striking is going to be so much better. We want to be feeling a consistent golf swing at impact. We are actually striking through and releasing the swing. So how can we train this a little bit? Well, there’s a couple of simple golf swing drills we can do.

Too many golfers especially those with senior golf swings lower body stalls. This causes a myriad of faults If you don’t have that golf swing release it will feel forced. It feels like too much effort. So what do you need to do? You have to find a way to rotate and clear yourself open.

Standing open or flaring your foot out can help your golf swing release. This is the precision impact trainer. This is a great device because what it’s doing is enabling you to set those golf swing wrist conditions, as well as angles on the way back.

Alex Fortey from the Art of Simple Golf gives you a simple golf tip to improve your golf swing Enjoy this golf video to help you get closer to having a perfect golf swing.. YOUR perfect golf swing

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