You can learn and apply the tips from Alan’s swing review

A couple of points I want you to note.

– What’s his intent in set up… What’s yours? Does it match what you are trying to do?
– What is the primary movement in your swing (lower, slide, spin, lift etc) ?
– What drill can you do at home to ensure you don’t have useless movement that makes the swing harder?

I am sharing Alan’s swing because the things I point out that can be improved is very common and I wager one or more things will look a bit like your moves and resonate for you.

After you have watched, I suggest you go into the Club site and check out the drills on staying centered.

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The Art of Simple golf club

Here’s the transcript below.

First off, there is a sort of basic lack of intent that we have here as you’re setting up to the ball.

Okay. You are very straight up and down. Now, when you think about it, everything we are trying to do is we’re swinging is meant to send an object that way. Well, I mean that doesn’t quite do it, but yeah, it’s basically meant to be sending it over there. So if our setup is not completely, you know, in keeping with sending something this way to our target, we are gonna struggle. And what you are doing a little bit here is making it just that much harder, because as you are set up and as you’re swinging down, you see your intent. It’s almost just very static. You’re kind of back into this position here that, you know, in some ways it’s almost like a, a, a putting position.

If you looked at this as a snapshot, it looks a bit like someone putting it doesn’t look like someone throwing an object or intentionally sending something over there. Okay. Which is really what we’re trying to do. So I will send you a link to the reverse key, like dynamic address video we have, but oh, wrong, wrong little symbol. I get a bit lost with these things. What we need to try and do is have a bit more of a shape in our setup here. Okay. When we’re setting up, that’s a little bit extreme, but when we set up, we want to try and match those angles here a little bit more, right. We want to have just a little bit more of a reverse. K. You see what I mean there? Whereas right now you’re very straight up and down. That’s gonna really affect how much you want pick up the club, which you do.

You kind of just sort of lift it in position. All right. And we haven’t really wound up here. Nothing about this. Here is really gonna give us much opportunity to be able to swing the club through. Now, I know that they were practice swings, but they’re pretty much the same. So what we need to do is at set. All right. I want you to bump your hips forward here. Okay. You’re gonna bump your hips. Let’s get the let’s that color. Okay. You are gonna bump your hips forward just a little bit, maybe till about here. All right. That is going to give us the best chance to make a back swing. That is just a little bit easier because your lower body is gonna be in position a bit more. So when you sort of get back up to here, you are gonna have a little bit more of this sort of shape to your main body because the lower body is gonna be a little bit more over in this direction.

Okay. It’s just gonna help you pivot. Now what we want to try and do as the main sort of swing. I do wanna actually cover your grip quickly. We need to there’s a video in the club. I’m going to give you a link to, but we need to make sure that here I want you to really try and bunch the hands together a little bit more, all they want to be working as a unit. And that’s definitely what we want to try and feel is that they are working together. Cuz right now the left hand is only just about supporting at the top of the swing. And that right hand is pushing everything down this way. And you can see here, how the, oh, wait back, back back.

You can see here that it’s actually come off. Your grip is sort of misplaced. Your right hand is actually pushing down this way too much. And your everything is just kind of stopping a little bit. So right. As we get to about here, your hands just slow and stall a little bit too much. They just kind stop here. And that’s where the sort of power is coming in and seeing as they sort of stop here, right? Cuz you’re trying, you’re sort of flipping your right hand is pushing a bit too much. So we need to try and feel. It’s a bit hard to see here, but this angle that you have, oops, I better this angle that you have. There we go to there, to there with the, the right wrist, right? It’s not quite on there, but we want to try and maintain that into about here.

Whereas your club it’s a bit blurry, but your club is pretty much sort of bottom out out about there and your wrist is released way too early. So we want to try and have a bit more of an angle. So that’s the second thing that we’re going to work up. Okay. Now the main thing that I want you to go out and use today right away, the thing that’s gonna pay the most dividends to you is as, I mean it’s happening because of those other things. Okay. But let’s say we start you off in a sort of door frame here. All right. The images I send, you will cover this as well. But as we start off in the door frame, all right, you’re moving back into it. Not too badly, but it’s this, it’s this movement here where the head is lunging forward. Now that is occurring because you’re sort of throwing your hands right at the ball here.

Instead of trying to release the hands out this way a lot more where we want the hands to be sort of releasing out there, you are releasing everything sort of straight down, right? So what we’ve covered with the setup, the dynamic reverse K holding onto that angle with the wrist a little bit more will help this release position. But I want you to imagine you are standing within a door frame and actually get into a door frame and make some swings, you know, without a club at first, but just notice how you need to release through here as you come back and now we’re gonna feel like we are extending up this way. Let’s just change the color.

We wanna feel like we are going more this way. If anything, so it’s gonna be like a curve.

You’re gonna feel like you are curving up. So you don’t bump into the wall. Does that make sense? So you’re gonna be here and that’s how you’re going to in essence, miss the wall. But I want you to do some swings, imagining, imagining, imagining this door frame around you. So then you can, can swing the arms with release and it don’t be afraid to let them straighten out that way. Feel like you’re throwing them all the way down the fairway. Okay. Doesn’t mean it’s fast.

Doesn’t mean it’s a lot of effort, but it’s allowing the weight of the club to release at the correct time. Not sort of hitting at the ball and then trying to push it through. Okay. So picture the door frame, picture the door frame here, just like that and make your swings staying within it as best as you can, then let’s see how you get on. Alright.