Perfect Golf Swing Takeaway Is SO Much EASIER When You Do This | Fix Golf TAKEAWAY Too Far Inside

Perfect golf swing takeaway especially to fix your tendency for a Golf Takeaway Too Far Inside And these takeaway drills and feels will have you more consistent than ever before. The best part is they are simple takeaway drill and tips you can use today for a simple golf swing that you can rely on.

The takeaway might seem boring and there are thousands of videos and lessons on this subject matter. But in this video golf lesson, we try to make it really simple.

The benefits of a good, neutral golf swing takeaway are profound, it not only improves confidence because you are having the same feelings that will be consistent for you each and every shot, each and every time on the golf course.

A perfect golf swing takeaway will set you up for a smooth backswing, a wide backswing and enable you to have effortless power and consistency. Sounds good right?

You might not be able to make big shoulder turns or powerful coil in backswing to generate clubhead speed, but a senior golf swing, a beginner golfer and experienced players alike will get much better consistent golf swing results with a good takeaway.

This simple golf lesson focuses mainly on too far inside takeaway fault that many golf players have. Whipping the club in and using the hands too much. We want more passive hands and using the natural flow of the body. This is what makes a perfect takeaway and there are perfect golf swing takeaway drills to use.

0:00​ Perfect golf swing takeaway
2:30​ Stop too far inside takeaway for a wide backswing
4:45​ Keep club going straight back
6:56​ Lead arm only swings
9:50​ Feel the weight of the club for flow
11:45​ perfect golf swing takeaway

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Enjoy this golf video to help you get closer to having a perfect golf swing.. YOUR perfect golf swing

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