So practice swinging before you hit each shot is way more important than most of you realize. It’s not about technique, it’s not about trying to iron out any kinks.

It’s a rehearsal, it’s a Mulligan.

So if you implement this correctly, you’re going to be hitting much better shots more often.

Practice swinging with intent. What does that mean? It means that instead of just standing over the golf ball, you’re not just sort of doing arbitrary golf swings. Every swing you make when you’re striking a ball or when you’re making practice swings has to have a specific purpose. So why not take advantage of those few seconds before you actually come to hit the golf shot that you’re trying to hit to the target that you want to hit and give that practice swing the proper attention it deserves. How do you do that?

What we’re after is a practice swing that is matching the shot you want to hit.
The simple process is;

  • Strategy,
  • Intermediate point,
  • Matching your setup.
  • Practice swinging with intent to be able to predict the shot you want.
  • Letting go and..
  • Evaluating and seeing the glorious shot that you hit, (hopefully. )

Really try and feel a specific practice swing to hit the shot that you want.

Practice swing with intent and I promise you, if you do, whether it’s on a drive, chip putt, whatever it might be, commit to your practice swing because you’re going to be so much more consistent because of it.

Follow this import process and have fun with practice swings and predicting the shots that you want to do.


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