Golf Swing Release

In the golf swing the dominant arm being the leading arm is beneficial like Jordan Spieth and Phil Mickelson to name just 2 leading players on the PGA Tour that I know of…

But even if you don’t play in reverse as it were, this swing feel that a tennis racket can assist with as a training aid to enhance the release, impact and natural powerful move through the ball will give you an advantage.

Most of you will be playing golf with your dominant side as your trail arm…

This is not a bad thing as there are benefits to it and it’s how most successful golfers swing the golf club and play the game. be the forward arm as in the tennis backhand.

It can be challenging to have a consistently good golf swing if not swinging with the dominant arm as the leading arm if you don’t understand what effect it can do and how to improve your swing utilizing the back hand.

Enjoy this lesson Simple Golf Swing Backhand Release For Effortless Power And Consistency

This is golf. Simplified.