Simple Golf Technique For GAME-CHANGING Results For Club Golfers And Senior Golf Swings

Golf teqnique and simple golf swing that helps senior golfers and one player wanted to I’prove ballstriking. m Golf tips to improve your impact and ball striking with a very simple golf swing tip. This feel of letting water tip out of your ear does many things for your golf swing, it improves your golf swing sequence, your timing in the swing, your impact position, the ability to use the ground correctly in your golf swing and the effortless golf swing power release.

This is a snippet from the very popular Short Swing Maximizer Program


If you have good golf swing rotation and allow the path and tempo to whip through, without fighting to keep your head down.

By allowing your neck to tilt and rotate, you will be amazed at the freedom you have through the ball. It opens you up, it allows a free flowing swing and lots of effortless golf swing speed.

This is a perfect golf swing and a simple golf tip that is ideal for golf swing for beginners and also for a senior golf swing. It is less strain on the body and will improve golf swing consistency and help you hit irons consistently and longer straighter drives with ease.

Try it and take it slow.

Alex Fortey from the Art of Simple Golf gives you a simple golf tip to improve your golf swing Enjoy this golf video to help you get closer to having a perfect golf swing.. YOUR perfect golf swing