How To Make The Perfect Takeaway In Your Golf Swing EASILY EVERY TIME

How to make a perfect golf swing takeaway every time and the Golf swing takeaway made easy with a overlooked aspect of the golf swing and how most instruction teaches you. If you want to know how to make the perfect takeaway in your golf swing with using momentum and how to stay connected in your takeaway and have a consistent golf swing that is not about placing golf swing positions.

So we need momentum and we need to use that sequence to gather and throw and the feeling of throwing this club. That way is so profound. When people get it, it frees up the swing, it frees up the start of the swing.

Keep those feet moving the weight, shifting forwards and backwards, forwards and backwards. And I’m practicing this movement here. Okay. That’s, what’s going to give me rhythm and timing and it’s going to release so much tension, but it’s repeatable because even the little DD shots are repeatable when you allow a natural pattern to happen. So keep those feet moving, work on that sequence and feel that throw to start your swing. It’s going to do so much good for you.

We want flow, but we also want to stay connected. And one of the major faults I see when people try and start, their swing is getting disconnected and it can look something like this. So we use that head cover in a minute. Disconnected is actually something like the arms lifting up a little bit too much, or whipping the hands on the inside, or more often than not. It’s going to look something like this where we’re trying to take the club away because we’re trying to rotate and sort of do this kind of movement there. And we kind of get into this position there. Right? And it’s kind of hard work to manipulate the club back from that.

Even if it’s a little bit more subtle than that, that sort of arch movement lifting the hands up closes issues, right? So we want to stay a little bit more connected. So what we do, I want you to, you can use a head cover. You can use a glove, a towel, whatever you need and tuck it under the left hip and what we’re going to try and feel on this takeaway. I’m still allowing the hips to turn the hips to go up and feeling a winding action from my feet from that momentum. But I’m just staying a little bit connected here to keep those arms in front and to keep this neutral. All right. And I’m allowing that club to leg back, but my little guide is this head cover.

So we can maintain that structure and get that width. Okay. Just to start the swing that, and we can practice little shots like this, just tiny little chip shots, staying connected. Okay. So we want to feel that, and you work on that. You work on that feeling and keep building it up, just start your swing. And you got to piece these things together. So I’m trying to break it down, but this is a wonderful drill to stop those arms, getting away from.