FIX Over The Top GOLF SWING And Hit it Longer By Doing THIS Ignored Move

Fix over the top golf swing and stop coming over the top easily when you use the ground in the golf swing and have a natural golf swing sequence it’s much harder to come over the top in your golf swing plane. If you are upper body dominant or you are too tense, this step drill will work wonders for you. And of course, because this is The Art of Simple Golf, this instruction and drill to stop over the top golf swing is easy and simple!

This will help your golf swing sequence timing as well and it’s great drill for senior golfers and any golfer that tries to hit it hard and will also help fix over the top golf swing.

I’m going to help you stop that over the top.

The transcript is below;

Move with one very easy drill that you can even use on the golf course to keep it dialed in, to give you that sensation, to sweep through the ball, to get the swing sequence working correctly, and to stop hitting slices, Pulls and crap shops.

So over the top can happen for a variety of reasons, but one of the main errors people have in general with their swing. So it doesn’t always affect an over the top, but it’s just sort of being too passive and lazy with the lower body that was just too, you know, upper body dominant. So we’re swinging this way, rolling the hands this way.

And the legs are really doing, you know, Jack, what do we want? Instead, we want to have more of a sequence. And if you think about throwing the ball, okay, or throwing the club, what would I do here?

If you were to give me, let’s say a hundred dollars for every yard, I could throw this club from the top of my back swing. I would never ever think about it is just doing that. Okay. But for some reason that happens in the golf swing when people are distracted about hitting this stupid thing, trying to get it sort of there, but actually forgetting that the swing really has to focus more on there rather than here. Cause we don’t want to hit at the ball. We want to swing through it. And it often used to be a lot easier with heavier golf clubs because the weight of the club used to sort of dictate that pace in that sequence because you sort of had to, but the lighter clubs got like this, that upper body would tend to just sort of look a bit more like that.

So we have to do something to combat it, to get the ground, to use the lower body sequence a little bit that when we get to the top of the swing, right, I’m actually going to use the ground a little bit here to gather and get that sequence to sling this club through. I don’t have to be an athlete to do this. This is a very sort of natural movement, but we can do it wonderfully well.

And the way you can test to see if you’re doing this is very simply to do a drill. You put your feet together. So let’s say there’s my normal address position. I’m going to put my feet together.

I’m going to make a back swing. But as I get to about waist high, I’m going to plant my foot back down to where it would have been at address or at least approximately why? Because you’ll see that it’s about momentum and the transition to use the ground here and to delay that feeling of swinging through and gathering the club to release. Okay. That’s what we’re after. How would you rate your swing sequence?

Let me know below. Do you think that you kind of use the ground enough or do you have that kind of panic that from the top of the swing, you try and hit it and swing down and use your upper body. I’d be really interested to know if this sounds familiar, let me know.

Now this applies to irons and driver.

I’ve got an eye on my hand, but the same sort of principles apply of what we’re trying to accomplish here. Now I want you to practice this drill. Okay. As your hands come about waist high, we’re going to step forward and then we’re swinging down and through. Okay. You’ll notice what that does is because my lower body is here. It’s going to allow the arms to sort of drop. I’ve got my back to the target a little bit more. It’s actually quite strange to feel almost to try and do upper body dominant over the top swing by doing this.

Okay. Like it just, just doesn’t quite feel right. But by stepping,

I’m sort of hitting that slot a little bit and then I can release through, I can get the ground. I can have that lead shoulder going down this way. And it is a wonderful, positive acceleration move that helps the swing sequence. And you can practice it, practice doing the drill, just middle shots at first to get that steps through, down and through. And when she got a little bit more comfortable with it, I would say, tee it up and practice with an iron. Maybe you want to practice with a wood. If you, you know, it’s not necessarily harder.

It’s just, I usually prefer people to start with irons. So you take your sets up. Okay. I’m going see from here, take the setup, put my foot back. And then I’m going to make my back swing to about here and swing through. Okay. I went very slowly and smoothly there, but that’s the idea. I just get the ground and accelerates through. And the more confident you get with it, it’s actually quite hard to hit the ball because you want to just sling it and accelerate through it doesn’t mean you want to hit it harder or anything, but that’s the general gist. It’s a practice that at home now, even without balls, just clipping a tee, whatever you need to do, but use the ground.

We’ll get that weight shift, delay, and swing and release through with confidence. And you’re going to be a lot fabric. How would you like that? If you have any questions, let me know below.

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