The BIG Downside Nobody Tells you About for Takeaway in the Golf Swing


One of the biggest mistakes older golfers make when copying the pros is the start of the golf swing. You see it’s the wrong golf technique for most players and we mean the one piece takeaway. What Nobody Tells You About Chipping Onto The Green

If you’re looking for a simpler, easier golf swing that won’t require a lot of practice, then you should try the one piece takeaway. Not only is this the easier technique, but it’s also the most effective. So if you’re looking to improve your golf game, make sure to avoid the one piece takeaway and try out the simpler, easier golf swing!

There isn’t a golfer alive who hasn’t heard about the one piece takeaway. You just see it everywhere on the golf channel, YouTube magazines etc telling you to do a one piece takeaway.

But what people don’t tell you is the downside to it and trying to do a one piece takeaway when your body doesn’t facilitate it, when you don’t understand how the rest of things work is really gonna screw up your golf swing.