This Downswing Technique is So Effective You’ll be Shocked


In this video, we’re going to show you a simple golf swing technique that you’ll be shocked at how effective it is. This swing technique helps you achieve consistency and power with your golf swing, which is key if you want to make quick progress and improve your golf speed. You’ll be able to play faster with more power and accuracy with this easy golf swing technique!

Small change but big results This move in the downswing to impact is one of the most effective golf tips for a consistent effortless golf swing especially for senior golfers.

I show what downswing move is great for all golfers including a senior golf swing and a drill to enhance for a perfect impact.
If you’re struggling to get your golf swing down and into impact, then this technique is for you! You’ll learn how to put your right shoulder down into impact and achieve consistent power with your golf swing. This simple golf technique will help you improve your consistency and power, so you can hit your shots with more power and speed!