This Golf Swing Technique is So Effective You’ll Feel Like You’re Cheating 100%


Utilizing aspects of Back and Forth is the simplest golf swing technique nobody talks about. It is easy to learn and can help you achieve better consistency and power in your golf swing.

Golfers everywhere have long been searching for the simplest technique that will help them improve their game. Many have been frustrated with trying to learn complicated techniques, only to find themselves still struggling to hit the ball straight and far. Fortunately, there is a technique that can help make the golf swing much simpler and more effective for consistency.

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The Back and Forth technique is the simplest technique nobody talks about. It is like the difference between bowling, darts, and throwing. When you bowl, you roll a ball down the lane, and you hit pins. When you throw, you just use your arm and wrist to toss the ball. When you play darts, you swing your arm towards the dartboard and throw the dart. This is similar to how the Back and Forth technique works in golf.

Here’s what we cover in this golf video.
The Back and Forth technique involves swinging the golf club back and forth, just like you would when you bowl or throw. Instead of trying to control the club with your hands, you use your arms and body to move the club back and forth in a pendulum-like motion. This technique will help you achieve a more consistent and powerful golf swing.

Alex Fortey from the Art of Simple Golf gives you simple tips to improve your golf swing. Enjoy this golf video to help you get closer to having YOUR perfect golf swing.