This Short Backswing Maximizer Is MUCH Easier To Shallow A Golf Swing Like Great Golf Ball Strikers

Short backswing golf swing that is simple with a steeper shaft on the backswing it is easier to have a shallow downswing. Which will get you swinging better today.

This one is almost harnessing your Matt Wolf or Calvin. Pete. Some of people have thought of this a bit like lead, betters, a swing. It’s just a much simpler sort of version of it. And this swing has been around for ages.

Obviously David Leadbetter. He’s got a huge name. But you know, people have been sort of teaching and utilizing this swing type for quite a long time. Well, before led better. So I will give him some credit because he brought it back to light, but I’ve used this on the students for years. And actually I’ve used this swing when I haven’t played much. Or even when I didn’t pick up a club flight two, three years.

So everything else is the same, but what we want is a steeper chuffed going back. Why? Because that’s gonna enable us to add a little bit of flow and this tipping of the club, we touched on it earlier, but this tipping of the club is gonna create a shallower angle of attack because we do not want a steep downswing here to be just after.

So if you’ve got the setup, right, or you have more weight on the lead side, the feeling we’re going to have is the butter. The club is going to point towards the heel of the thigh, rather as we take the club away. But the checkpoint is your shaft. You’re not going to probably quite get there. You might realistically get about here even if you try to almost match our spine angle with the shaft.

Because about from there, as we transition back down, the shaft is going to tip over and get into the slot where we can just sort of fly the hands. All right. Now, remember, it’s very key to have suppleness in the wrist. Very, very key. We’ll keep saying it because it is crucial.

We make our start of our swing back. I check point is the bus of the club is pointing towards the thigh and notice just by the position where my hands are no higher than my waist. I’ve made more or less a half golf swing. My buddy has sort of turned, my hips are turned and all I need to do now from here is transitioned back.

As my energy goes back, which we’re going to talk about and I am making a full, a full enough gold swing. And this just feels a bit more repeatable for people that, you know, if you struggle with pulling the arms in a little bit or turning too much or thinking you’re going to make a bigger turn to feel like that club is staying outside of the hands constantly here.

We don’t want the elbow too cramped. We still want that width that we talked about, but the hands are a little bit more this way.

The you’re going to almost feel a bit like Jim Furyk perhaps, but by doing that, you’re going to give yourself this time and sort of checkpoint that you can rely on, but just by tiny little swings like that with suppleness.

So to begin with, you might want to test this out and see what kind of strikes you get. And you might like that delayed sort of feel of shallowing. You might feel a bit like Garcia or Furic as I said, but that movement gives you the time, because if you have a tendency to be this way where we take it on the inside and over the top, we’re reversing that pattern, but it’s a very short swing.

The arms, the hands are only really moving a couple of feet and that’s it. We combine that with the windup. We are going to be in a nice, comfortable position to hit the ball. All right. So start small, hit a few little Diddy shots to begin with.

It might feel a bit strange to begin with, but it might be the key that you’re looking for with every club in the bag

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