Possibly the fastest way to improve your ball striking and learn how to hit consistent irons.

How on earth can hitting tiny little shots at home help you improve your golf. 90% of golfers struggle to do this simple golf swing for a tiny shot.

Not only with your chipping as well as pitching, but your full swings and your strike consistency.


Improve contact control consistency of strikes with your irons. Learn how to hit iron shots consistently by improving your control. Starting from tiny shots you can do at home will help your full swing strike consistency and how to hit consistent iron shots How a tiny 4ft golf shot can help your iron consistency

You will be shocked how much this tiny shot helps your ball striking

You are going to be wanting to always control the accuracy of your strike.

It seems to be that most people try and do this at full tilt all the time.

Golfers tend to get lost in trying to not just hit the ball hard, but do a full swing.

And the consistency just goes out the window and I’m not gonna bore you with all the science of the low point and everything. I just want you to start practicing this because if you think about it, if you come, aren’t consistently make good contact, even on tiny little shots and understand what has to happen to make that happen. You are going to struggle when it comes to longer swings. Okay?

We do not want to have the contact where we’re trying to lift and help it up this way.

That’s going to affect fairway woods, iron and everything, but it starts in this tiny little shot.

We don’t want to be topping it. We also don’t want to be trying to hit down too much and stabbing into it here like that. Okay.

That can give us the right contact, but we have to feel the bands and a shallow angle of attack, but to get the acceleration. So the ball can effort. I want you to go and grab just a sandwich. All right, I’ll give you a second. Any club will do, just go and grab your sandwich. Pitching wedge, lob, wedge. Doesn’t really matter.

We’re gonna start there. And the objective, if you can get a, a couple of golf balls as well, that’d be great. Okay. I’ll wait for you. Just a couple of seconds. What we’re trying to do here is educate ourselves, educate the feeling in the hands and what needs to happen with the body to get a repeatable contact ball first, then turf. Okay. And at first, what you might find is it’s very difficult to hit short shots.

Alright, let’s say we’re only going like at just a few feet ahead here.

We’re trying to land it on this spot.

That’s kind of tricky, but what are you gonna do to get there? Are you gonna try and help out with the hands? And there’s certain ways that you can sort of cheat, but what we are trying to do is still make this ball pop up in the air, but with a nice feeling contact. Okay. Now the only things we’re trying to understand here, mechanically, why is, is war more weight on the front side, maintaining this triangle as we keep our technique and sort of rotate through, but I’m feeling the way to the club.

We are practicing the feeling of acceleration, where it counts, not too early and certainly not too late. We want the acceleration through the ball to be able to nip it off the tur and have it pop up. So what we’re looking at to do is maintain this triangle. Okay. And just pop it up. It’s as simple as that. Yes. It’s sort of chipping action, but the goal is not to try and land it a certain distance.

The goal is actually to hit it as short as possible, but with a solid contact, if you are struggling with technique a little bit, there’s a couple of things we can try. And that is just using an alignment stick. Like so, and having it on the side of your body here, right? And we are just gonna try and maintain that sort of triangle all the way through. Now, you might find that you end up hitting yourself a bit too much because you are trying to help the club up. But with the stick hitting me, it sort of stops that. All right, we are just trying to accelerate with a very short swing. I can feel the way to the club, right? It’s just a, a nice little movement. It’s a perfect contact. And when we get better at understanding what feels we want, we want to feel the weight of the club, the core, just sort of moving nice and smoothly through we’ve got balance, but I’m accelerating there. I’m using the hands I’m using the feel and wonderful. And the better we get at that, the more spin we can get. And the more control we can get. I want you to do this for five minutes, a day, 10 shots, 20 shots, whatever it might be just to keep educating the feel you want. Then you can start ramping up your distances.

Okay. It’s perfect for bad weather. It’s perfect to hit into cushions or whatever it might be. And it’s great if you do have things like this, and this is like a little landing pad from AI golf, it’s a towel in actual fat, and it’s a wonderful little target to have, but we are still just doing a very short little shot, only just a few feet. And I can and accelerate where I need to. And all we’re trying to do from there is build up the swing and that sensation and that sort of acceleration from the bottom. So we take that feeling.

We extend it to a wedge, the same feeling through the ball, and then we extend it to a full shot, but don’t rush into it.

Okay. Just keep practicing that at home. Then we have it really simple lesson. Get your sand wedge out and start chipping as short as possible to get the ball to pop up with a nice little of contact, a little challenge for you. Let me know how you.

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