What Nobody Tells You About Hitting Pitch Shots Onto The Green


Here’s what we cover in this golf video.

1 – First thing –
Grip in palm. An old golf coach told me this many moons ago and although I don’t always use it, I love it… It allows more passive.. stops the flipping

2 – open stance – with foot only and flare toes out.

3- To avoid fat shots and steeper angle of attack with a more rounded pitching technique to take a shallow angle of attack

3 – Ball position not too far back – avoid divots. Why because the best strikes come from lower on the face. If top of club it will roll out.

4 – resist lower body on the way back

5 – lead side or trail hand you choose though feel

I LOVE THE SHORT SWING METHOD WHIch I will talk about in the next pitching video that will be more suitable for most golfers to get brilliant and wedge play.

Look out for the next pitching lesson to become great, get spin and control Until then, check out this lesson here