Why 95% of Golfers CAN’T Hit DRIVER as FAR as They Should


Hit up on the driver for 15% MORE Effortless Distance to drive the ball farther without swinging faster. By following our simple golf swing tips, and knowing the difference for a slower than 100 mph getting 3 degress more strike angle you will get longer drives instantly.

This is a big advantage, since you’ll be able to hit the ball much straighter and with more distance. So if you’re looking for ways to hit the ball further without swinging faster, then you’ll want to check out this Simple golf video from Alistair Davies for The Art of Simple Golf

Drive the Ball 15% Farther Without Swinging Faster

When it comes to driving the golf ball long and far, golfers with a swing speed below 100 mph have a unique challenge. Without the power to generate the same speed as their faster-swinging counterparts, they have to find a way to maximize their distance, or they’ll lose up to 15% of their potential yardage.

The solution to this problem is simple: hit up on the driver. The higher launch angle of an upswing creates more backspin and a longer carry, resulting in a more consistent, longer drive. The added spin also prevents any slices and hooks that can occur when your clubhead speed is lower.

Hitting up on the driver also helps golfers with slower swing speeds by allowing them to hit the ball on a more upward path, which can help them generate more distance. Instead of having to hit the ball perfectly straight and level, they can hit the ball at an angle and gain more carry. This can be especially helpful in windy conditions, as more backspin can help the ball cut through the wind, resulting in a straighter shot.

For golfers with swing speeds below 100 mph, hitting up on the driver is the key to maximizing their distance and improving their game