2 Simple Tips on How To Hit a Driver Straighter off the tee and Stop Slicing

Here Golf Monthly Top 25 Coach Alistair Davies shares a simple golf tip on how to ht a driver straighter and stop slicing your driver and how to get more accurate power in your drives.

Far too many golfers needlessly struggle with the oh so frustrating slice, so today we wanted to share with you a video from

Fixing your golf slice is often over complicated by too many instructors when in reality, a simple understanding of why hitting the slice into the trees occurs and with the correct golf tips to cure your slice once and for all, you will be much more confident and consistent of the tee.

You see golf courses know how to punish players who suffer from weak slices.

They do this by placing bunkers, rough and tress in the exact spots to make life difficult for you off the tee and around the greens.

how to hit more greens: Simple golf tips

Also a point to mention is that the golf swing action that creates a slice such as out to in swing path into the ball, a poor takeway, inconsistent alignment and poor swing mechanics often results in many other bad shots such as; fat shots, pulls and miss hits .. (I think we all want less of those correct?)

Because a slice, no matter which way it curves, is a weak shot, it robs you of distance for one thing, but big issue with golfers having the slice as their main bad shot is the compensations they make in trying to fix it or allowing for it on the golf course…

Let me ask you this..

Ever had to play golf with your slice and found yourself aiming further and further away from the fairway or green to allow for the slice?

Do you just accept having a golf swing that produces a slice?

Why does it seem to get progressively worse too when you allow for it on the course?

You see the more you allow for it, the more it slices and your golf swing becomes choppy, nervous and weak resulting in an incorrect angle swing path and just bad inconsistent golf shots.

None of the above are a recipe for enjoyable golf are they?

So please use the tipsto do to ensure you fix your golf swing slice habits with some really effective golf practice tips you can even start working on at home to prepare for the sprong and upcoming golf season…


The slice is a killer for your golf scores but here are 2 simple golf lessons to Stop The Slice:

Simple Golf Swing Drill to hit long straight drives

As you are aware, a slice really hurts your accuracy, your distances and ultimately your scores and enjoyment from this great game of golf.

You may try to get rid of your slice with a few complicated swing methods that just do not work because it’s detracting you from the actual feeling you can control but these simple golf tips on how to hit the driver straighter and stop the slice will help you a lot.

This is Golf. Simplified.