3 Simple Steps For Effortless Golf Swing Consistency

Effortless golf swing that is also a consistent golf swing must be a reliable one.

A Simple golf swing.

A golf swing that you can use for many years to come playing, getting a better golf swing and score results.

See this video on Core backswing, arms dropping in downswing and getting through to a full golf swing with balance and power. it’s as simple as 1,2,3

I’m going to break this down into three stages.

The phrase I want you to have for your back swing is call back. Call back just means you are going to turn your core, your stomach, your belly. You’re gonna move it this way.

The rib cage, the core is going to be the engine to your swing here. You know, your sternum, whatever you feel. If you’ve got a big belly, fine feel that sort of move behind you. Now I can’t go into detail here. And that’s why we have the membership in our online club that goes into the finer details of so much of this. All I want you to have is that thought of core back and a good way to sort of feel it is to take this club, stick it in your belly here. Okay. And what you’re going to do is actually turn your core back.

Get out your chair. Don’t even need a club. Imagine there’s one in your hand. Now just turn the core back core back here.

What happens? Where does it look like? What does it feel like?


Are you feeling like the arms are sort of following the core? If so, you’re on the right track.

So whether it is your rib cage, whether it is your belly button, whether it is your sternum, okay, I don’t care. We are stable, but this is the engine. Now what happens in phase two phase two is very important because it’s about you being just a little bit patient. Now we are going to let the arms fall, not trying to manipulate them, not trying to hold onto any lag.

A good drill that you can do is left hand on right hand, under or trail hand. If you will, now we make a back swing and I’m going to throw the club down here. Okay? Not much else is moving. I’ve got a little bit of momentum, kind of moving me that way, cuz that’s how it should be. Just naturally wise. When you get to here, you think, okay right now, what? And the thing is, you’ll never be as static as you are sort of in this rehearsal because you are always going to be moving.

Okay, you’re always in motion when you are swinging. When you start you’re swing, you’re not completely static. You’re not rigid.

They’re tenants of good, simple golf. Number three unfortunately is really overlooked because so many of you struggle with hitting at the ball. You’re too focused on positions and trying to get force and energy.

You have to realize that the ball just needs to really get in the way of swinging through all, through getting the belly, the core, the ribcage, all that kind of stuff, whatever, you know, encompasses it for you, right?

That got to get through towards the target.

And you can practice this swing even without using a club call back, arms down, call through. Okay, do that 20 times right now, call back, arms down, call through, keep repeating it as much as you like, because that is gonna be the essence of your goal swing.

Now you piece it together. Core back, arms down, call through in a nice fluid swing, call back, arms down, call through. I’m gonna give you a couple of bonus drills to sort of help emphasize this.

If you’re struggling, drill number one is actually using your lead arm. Okay. And you’re gonna put your hand on your belly. Like, so now you’re going to wind up and feel like the club is sort of dragging.

So we wind up that way and have the correct sort of tilts, but there, and actually that sort of works on the down swing, especially here to sort of notice where your core is facing as you allow those arms to fall, is your core sort of spinning out that way or are you being patient and allowing it to drop like, so then we can instigate the core again to get through.

That’s a great drill for the back swing and the down swing. But what about the through swing?

You can do the belly and the club drill, which works quite nicely where you just make sure that it’s pointing towards the target here, that we’ve got sort of nice extension that we’re not kind of getting disjointed or stalling.

Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll see you next time.