Master Your Golf Swing Takeaway And Backswing With This Simple Tip

Using the pivot is a the best way to make a consistent golf swing that can be on plane and just easier to use!

In this lesson Alex Fortey shares a different way to finally have a golf swing backswing and takeaway that you can repeat consistency with irons and rivers without having to think too much or requiring practicing like a tour pro.

If you struggle with too many techniques for your golf takeaway, using the simple tip to use the arm and elbow fold more than specific wrist hinge or wrist cock for a takeaway.

Golf swing takeaway and backswing tips that seriously improve your backswing and delivery without thinking too much about wrist hinge, how to start the golf swing, how to use hips etc.

It’s about throw and hinge.

See this golf lesson for the perfect golf swing takeaway that any golfer can use.

0:00 Golf swing takeaway and backswing made simple
0:37 Why using flow and structure is a key in your swing
2:14 wrist hinge and elbow hinge golf swing
3:57 start your backswing with a throw
5:20 best drill for perfect takeaway

So give these simple golf drills a try and let me know how you get on trying the elbow fold in trail arm in your golf swing.