How To Drive The Golf Ball Straighter

Today I’m going to give you a couple of very simple of course tips to help you drive the ball straight up. It’s not always about trying to bomb it really far. Hitting it straight is going to give you the confidence to not only hit better shots from the fairway cause you’re hitting the fairway more often, but it’s going to lower the scores, but it’s going to give you a sort of foundation to start ramping up those distances is pointless going for more distances if you’re splattering all over the shop, right?

So let’s get to it. Some really simple tips to hit the ball straighter with the driver.

So hitting the drivers straight comes from a high, you know, a couple of factors. One, the sort of angle of attack that you’re striking it. You don’t want to be coming too steep on the ball, which a lot of you will do, whether it’s from casting, whether it’s just trying to hit at it a little bit too much. So we want to kind of have a brush feel. So one tip that you might like is what I would call the brush stroke. So you’re actually feeling like with the driver, you’re kind of dumping it into the ground a little bit here and then brushing it through on the upswing. Obviously you’re not going to hate it like that, but that sensation of that brush is going to give you the sweeping action to swing through the bull to a full release instead of hitting at it.

And what that is going to do is just enable you to have a better tempo because hitting at it is going to cause the, the the shape of the shot to adjust and it’s going to increase that path that we’re a low sort of angle of attack striking up on it, but it’s just going to give you that path that’s a little bit more consistent. So just simply try that, make you sort of back strain. Just let the Cub drop a little bit here and then just sweep through. That’s the practice swing. That’s the practice field. You don’t have to do anything else when you come and strike it. Just drop the club down and then brush standing up tool, staying balance, that sensation. And then you just go into your what? I hope the simple process to hit the shot, which is choosing the strategy.

Okay? Dead, dead simple.

Tip number two..

What we’re going to do is make sure it’s my get annoying, but I need to hammer this home to you. You have to be specific. You can’t just walk up to the ball like so many of you do. Okay? There’s my tee shot. All right. How long does this whole four 20. I’m just going to stick the tee in the ground, right? I just want to do this and I’m going to just make my swing completely arbitrary. It doesn’t mean anything. You’re just guessing. We’re just hoping so please, please, please choose the strategy that you want to watch that you want to hit note where the wind’s going. It’s a bit down wind left or right. Perfect. So I want to choose the left side of the fairway.

So I’m going to be precise. I’m going to choose exactly where I want to start the ball and I choose my intermediate point, which in this instance would be just left to that leaf. I’m not going to go into the full process, but doing that alone, just that being precise about where you want to go and as you set up to the ball, feeling a swing that’s reactive to hitting that spot like your life, depending on it, feeling it as you set up over the ball as you swing, you’ve got that target in mind. Okay? You do that. You’re going to hit that spot more often and it takes no time at all, but the difference it makes is phenomenal. I promise you it’s so easy to improve the consistency and straightness of your drive just by choosing your target better. That’s it. Nothing to do with technique.

All right, so do that.

Let’s go into number three.

Number three is the setup tweak.

A lot of you will set up to the ball as you’re kind of a bit too much like an eye and you’re kind of a bit too eager. So your weight is a bit too much on the left side and you’re kind of leaning into it causing that sort of downward strike hitting at it. Okay. What we want, again, a very simple easy adjustment. Well we need to take your regular setup. Okay. And I want you to place your right hand down your side and just slide a little bit here. And what you notice is you’ve got this slight angle in your upper body where your hips are and what that’s going to do is enable your takeaway to be a little bit wider, but you’re going to get behind the ball just that much easier again.

So as you’re swinging you’re behind the ball a little bit to be able to release up and get that angle of attack and release. But that’s all you need to do is slide down the right side here and there’s your sets up and you just commit to the shot and swing through. Absolutely no problem at all. Follow those three things you do that you’re going to hit straight to golf shots because not only you’re picking your target better, but you’re getting the angle of attack better and you’re not swinging is through a little bonus tip I can give you to get you away from hitting at it, which causes all those different shapes of shots.

Really feel like you’ve got the release through that your arms are lengthening and you’re straightening here. So we’re standing up taller, but we’ve got that extension, we’ve got that through the ball. That is so important to feel like we’ve got that extension through the ball. Even if you want to practice some shots just hitting them like this. So I show you, I kind of go through this little mini routine here. We’ve picked her intermediate point. Okay, I’m going to do a couple of practice swings it sweeping up like so. I’m going to take my regular setup. Okay, I’m going to slide my right side down and now I’m just going to do kind of a string but really extend through to make sure that I commit to the shot and that hit the exact spot that I was wittering on about earlier. Nothing powerful. I didn’t try to smash the shot.

It’s like the first drive I’ve hit for about three months actually didn’t hurt my body. Simple, easy, straight. Do that. You’re going to be more confident off the teeth. Then we can start ramping up distances. Okay, so watch those over again. Apply one to all of them if you want. It’s going to help you along.