Simple Tips And Golf Lessons To Help Play Better Next Time

I can play really s**t golf.

I can hate the game.

I can yell and call myself abhorrent names on the course.

I did just 2 days ago in a round with fellow pro Ian and his friend Alan (Who I shared some simple tips with and he won the match lol. And those I have shared on the next page too)

But I also hot some incredible solid golf shots.

I swing the club great. I struck the ball for most shots really really solid. I hit several booming drives and piercing irons on a blustery day.

But I could not score at all!

Why such a disconnect from some practice to playing?

I was consistent with bogeys.

I even screwed up a 525 yard hole when I had a PW for my second shot after a good drive. That happened a few times.

But let me add though, the course was tough and tree lined. The greens TINY and 14 of them were raised or had big drop offs. AND the greens were quick and extremely tiered and difficult to read.

It was exhausting.

But fun banter.

And plenty of good shots and challenges.

But I was terrible scoring.

I have not been playing much at all lately. Life has been too difficult to put too much time into competitive serious rounds. A few holes on my own now and again or on the par 3, but this was a money game and pride. (I lost a bit of both lol)

So what went wrong?

I was game rusty.

I had not been playing real golf enough.

I have been practicing, but incorrectly for the most part.

On the course I made poor choices

Really bad putting (4 or 5 three putts)

When i missed a green I failed to get up and down.

When I had a chance for birdie from the fairway and should be eying the flag, as the round progressed, I got tentative and would even miss club or try too hard.

I could not play.

And my scores showed it.

But I did not do the right things to fix this quick enough.

I was following the process but not affirming it. I got lost in the spiral of frustration.

So here is what I want you to learn from my mess.

You will play terribly especially if you are not game ready. And even if you are, sometimes it will just not happen.

Swinging a club and striking the ball is not playing golf.

But it’s also important to realize what to do better for next time.

And that’s what I share with you today.

A few videos on what I have started to work on, those mistakes and issues I was making.

So next time, I and indeed you, can PLAY and score better

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3 very easy to implement golf tips for your short game.

Simple golf tips to improve putting, hole more putts and stop 3 putting.

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And here are the tips I gave to Alan as he was chopping things right and hitting some heavy. He was using his body with force too much.

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if you want to get help with every facet of your game, just click the link below and go to the artist in Paul for a really great series for the ultimate lessons, ultimate simple lessons to help you play your best golf.


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