How to get out of a greenside bunker every time with this simple golf hack.

Here is a very simple golf swing tip to improve your bunker play. Too many golfers really struggle with sand traps by trying to play them perfectly. Remembering all the things you have been told. Let’s make golf easier.

And when you allow the weight of the club to assist you, you won’t need as much force to get the golf ball out of the bunker.

Doesn’t mean it’s going to work for everyone.

Doesn’t mean it’s necessarily needed by everyone, but maybe it’s worth a try.

Traditional¬†“perfect” bunker technique
We’re in a bunker, you’re told you’ve got to open up the club face, you know, weight on the left side, you’ve got to accelerate through and spank the sand.

You know, that’s what we want. Yes, perfect. But that does take not only confidence and practice, it takes kind of a lot of effort as well.

And some of you.. well.. you’re not as “energetic” as you used to be or maybe just not quite feeling it that day.. so to have to move the body hard and rotate and to have that shot where you’re having to really think about, okay, I’ve got to spank this sand firmly and accelerate…. it’s not that easy.

To hinge the wrists and accelerate through and it gets you that sort of high spinning, accelerating shot… It does take a bit of effort though!

So what can we do a little bit differently?

One of the things I would like you to try is actually either with a square club face or even a slightly shut clubface doesn’t mean you have to swing full or anything, but what will encourage you to do as long as you maintain suppleness in the arms, wrists and a really loose grip, not so it’s like coming at your hand but fairly loose.

And the idea is that you just allow momentum of the weight of the club to help you a lot more.

And by doing that it’s a lot less sort of force an effort.¬† You might not get the perfect sort of strike but if you practice this a few times, the idea is that with less force you can get the the ball out almost like a sort of chipping action and you might not have as much control, but it’s a lot less effort.

There’s no one way to play golf.

It’s not do it this way.

Yes, there’s ways to do it better, but this might work for you.

Practice even just with sand because you know that’s a very, very good way to, to practice.

With this simple easy bunker shot technique you don’t have to use the body by keeping the club face open as much. And don’t have to accelerate quite so hard.

You wont have to be as confident and put so much effort in.

So give it a try.

Also give this drills resource a try.

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