Better Golf Swing EVERY TIME When You Do THIS

Get a better golf swing when you learn that pushing a golf ball remove the WORST Things About Your Golf Swing?

Yes this is golf swing basics and this is a very simple golf drill you can do today at home to see instant consistent golf swing results and help you to Stop hitting at the ball!

Finally Improve Your Golf Swing and it works for ANY golfer from beginner to senior golfer.

Here is a related simple golf swing lesson to help you get through the ball to a balanced finish to improve your ball striking and consistency

0:00 Push The Ball To ELIMINATE The WORST Faults In Your Golf Swing
0:45 Stop Hitting at the golf and push impact
1:30 Effortless golf swing is a goal
4:50 Precision impact trainer
6:30 Practice drill at home for consistent impact and get through the golf swing

Thanks for watching. If you like that video, put it into practice and let me know how you get on.

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