Unforgettable Ernie Els Swing Tip You Will Use Forever

This Golf swing tip I picked up watching Ernie Els transformed my game 25 years ago…

And I know it will help your golf swing transition so you can deliver the golf club and hit irons consistently with a very simple golf swing that a senior golfer, a beginner or a seasoned golfer.

Just some of what it helps is;

  • Stop over the top
  • Stop casting the club
  • Stop hitting behind the ball with irons.
  • Strike it pure
  • More effortless speed
  • Get in the slot
  • Smooth swing sequence
  • Remove Inconsistency In Transition

Do this and you will remove 80% of variables in your downswing. 

You will love this especially if you want more effortless speed and yes, you can use this simple golf tip with driver too.

This key transformed my game and became a constant to this day (aside from periods when I went down the mechanical swing route)

And I believe even if you just learn this move for the transition that we cover you will never to forget it when you see the results

You will not forget this simple golf swing tip for the downswing technique and structure

Thanks Ernie!

Ernie Els golf swing is pure, effortless golf swing power, smooth tempo and lasting to him being a senior golfer.

Thanks for watching. If you like that video, put it into practice and let me know how you get on.

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