Effortless Golf Swing Flow Feel With Instant Results

Effortless Golf Swing with this simple golf drill that gives you tempo and flow, and and easy golf swing that is consistent, pain free golf and ideal for anyone that maybe a senior golfer or if you are a player who tries to hit the golf ball too hard and forces shots.

This is where we are simplifying the golf game to help you play better, more enjoyable golf for many years to come, because it’s not going to wreck your brain or your body. And today’s lesson is perfect and keeping with that because it is about giving you more flow and more tempo and an Effortless Golf Swing.

Because if you have a tendency to throttle the golf club, if you have a tendency to get aggressive and hit at it and find your consistency sucks, I wager this will help you greatly. So without further ado, let’s get into it.

If you do think you throttle the golf club and what I mean by that is, do you find kind of getting 10 taught a bit snatch if especially under nerves? And do you find that you have a bit of difficulty making full swings or full terms?

Do you think “Oh, my mobility sucks” or “I need a bigger shoulder turn” or whatever it might be…. This is going to help you a lot, because it’s not so much about golf swing technique. It’s just about helping you understand that the golf club and everything we’re trying to do can help you accomplish the task rather than, than you trying so hard to make it happen.

And it’s dead simple.

If you feel or know that your golf swing looks a little bit like that, let me know.

And let me know if this resonates with you, we’re going to take the golf club and we’re just going to take it with our thumb and forefinger here. The left hand is pretty much going to stay where it is and your normal grip.

We’re going to make some swings with just the pressure of a thumb and forefinger is that all of a sudden going to give you a different sensation, enabling the wrist to hinge, allowing the weight of the club work for you.

Just allow this club to flow. Once I start the momentum of  moving backwards and turning behind in your swing, letting the left shoulder go down in the backswing, because of this grip, the club hinges all itself.

The golf club just hinges naturally, because this is heavier than this. It only becomes problematic when we try and force it there or resist it even. Okay. So if we allow the flow to happen naturally gravity, to help us, it becomes a lot easier.

So just by doing these practice swings, see how that can flow really does make a huge difference. And you’ll notice now you should be able to swing a lot longer, but the other bonus to this, it’s going to stop that over the top force because we’re having to sort of shallow the club. Naturally.

If we try and swing hard, it becomes more noticeable.

But if we do, flowing easy strikes and is dead simple. And it will naturally shallow out It will naturally flow with rhythm.

You can hit bulls like this or not. It doesn’t really matter.

You can do little golf shots with it.

But the thing I want you to do is just to feel what that’s like to feel, what the, you know, that the club is heavier.

That is guiding you a little bit more instead of you trying to guide it. Because a lot of times we get too stiff with the arms. We’re trying to hinge the wrists.

We need to allow the golf swing to flow. When we let allow them to flow, it’s a lot less strain on the body, a lot less strain on the arms. And hopefully you don’t shank it like that, but I want you to try it.

So use the golf grip on the trail hand with just the Thumb and forefinger, and you can build up those swings just to get that rhythm.

And then when you dial in the golf swing feel, have a go with the same sensation on a regular swing and regular grip.  But still try to feel the weight of the club, feel that flow and allow the weight to gather and move for you instead of against you.

Dead simple golf. As I said, I think this is really going to help many of you.

And if you have any questions, just leave them below as well. And I will see you next time.

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