Half Club Indoor Drill To Stop Flipping And Improve Body Move In Golf Swing With The Art of Simple Golf Contributor, Andy Gorman

This practice drill will give you the feel and teach you how to stop flipping. Flipping causes a loss of power and bad consistency in your golf swing and ball striking. But when you get the body and the club working naturally together, your striking and swing will be a lot better and very quickly too!

This simple golf swing drill really delivers a lot of benefits for just one move and is very useful on the golf course or on the practice range as well because it will dial in a feeling of consistency, connection and release, both of which will give you more consistency and better swing speed through the ball.

There is a lot you can do to improve your golf swing and golf game at home so there are no excuses to be very rusty because of lack of time. (Of course the more you can play and have efficient practice, the better you will get) but you can certainly keep your game moving in the right direction.

you those “a’ha” moments that click your swing and focus into place.

Because from those moments you can play free flowing effortless and most importantly better golf Improving at golf does not need to be very complicated or time consuming .

That’s why we have experts like Andy and many others in the Art of Simple Golf Family to give you simple, but effective step by step golf lessons to save you time and headaches.

This one simple golf swing drill from our friend and colleague PGA professional, Andy Gorman shows how you can improve your release and connection to have a swing that is more consistent and powerful…

Try this drill today, get up out of your chair and every time you step onto the golf course, your golf swing will start to feel more solid and generate more swing speed by staying connected and releasing correctly.
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