I’m fairly sure you would not be able to out punch Mike Tyson (no offence)… But as we explain today, you can certainly out drive him.

The Key To Increasing golf swing speed and distance is not how big and strong you are contrary to popular belief.  The proof is in the pudding as they say…who would you be more afraid of in a dark alley; Dustin Johnson or Mike Tyson?  Who would you fear more on a 600 yard par 5?

This week we are sharing a vital lesson and exercises that will explain why someone as whispy as Dustin Johnson or Jamie Sadlowski the long drive legend can smash the ball a lot further than one would expect.

Yes we need relative strength for golf and life, but if you are not mobile in specific areas, you will continue to be frustrated as all hell as to why your swing feels stiff, tight and cannot deliver the distances without sacrificing accuracy you crave.

That’s why this is so important.

That’s why you should add these into your weekly routine!
See the simple mobility exercises you can do to increase your swing speed without having to feel like you got in the ring with Mike Tyson.

Mike Tyson

It doesn’t matter how strong or stable you are as a golfer if you can’t complete the necessary range of motion, this is Mike Tyson’s and many other strong football players and boxers problem when they step onto the golf course.  Distance and power, instead, come from having full range of motion and being able to stabilize and control that motion.


  • Power and distance on the golf course comes from the ability to stabilize and control the flexibility that you have.

The first step is to make sure you have the necessary range of motion or flexibility necessary to complete the golf swing.

If you have the necessary mobility, then all you need to do is stabilize and control that range of motion in order to complete the correct athletic sequence of motion.  When you do this, the result is a booming drive past your opponents that feels easier than any swing you have ever made before.