Golf Swing Positions Are Ruining Your Game: Use These Golf Swing Release Tips Instead

Letting go of your golf swing is one of the most important keys to consistent golf.

If you stop trying to find swing positions and focing your golf swing and allow more natural sequences to occur like skipping a stone, the results will blow your mind.

Also if you have a golf swing release that is more natural and attacks through the golf ball with minimum tension and the power and commitment where you need it the most, your strikes will be instantly better, your swing will feel easier and you will be less frustrated on the course.

Sounds good right! But know this… too many golf swing positions are ruining your game and if you want to have a better, more reliable and powerful swing, use these golf swing release tips. They are effective and easier too!

How should you release the golf club correctly? There are thousands of lessons out there on youtube when you search golf swing release. But too many over complicated how to release in the golf swing. It’s natural and you are good at it already.

See this video from Alex Fortey and The Art Of Simple Golf showing you how easy it can be to get a good golf impact, consistency and have a reliable golf transition that is more instinct and natural than complicated thoughts.

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