Golf swing sequence and tempo with G-force training aid.

Golf swing sequence and squaring the clubface with the G-Force trainer golf swing training aid.

Do you want to square the clubface and hit more straight golf shots? How can you get perfect golf swing timing and tempo for more distance and consistency?

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This golf swing training aid that many op tour players and coaches like Pete Cowen golf coach to many elite PGA tour players loves to use. This is not a quick fix, this is feedback on every golf shot you hit and by occurrence, you will improve your golf swing sequence and get everything working together to square the clubface and hit straight golf shots easily..

See this video from Alex Fortey and The Art Of Simple Golf showing you how easy it can be to have good golf swing consistency and have a reliable golf swing that is more instinct and natural than complicated thoughts.

Too many swing positions kills your chances of golf success, improvement and consistency. Trust me.. i’ve been there at it ruined me.. and I still fall prey to i at times with what I do an all…

So this is an important reminder and golf lesson that applies to each and every one of you.

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