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Strategy is one of the biggest things you can improve that will have a profound effect on your golf game. You may plot and reverse engineer every single hole, making sure not to block yourself out by trees or hack at rough spots short-sidedly when missing it altogether could cost valuable strokes in future rounds if done incorrectly – but this isn’t for pros only!

Strategy also applies even more so when playing with friends as everyone has different abilities which means no matter how good someone else seems like they might be (especially considering some people swing clubs better than others), always try figuring

Ball tracer, score, stats tracking as well as distance to pin point accuracy so you can have the best strategy for every golf round you play.

Even if you are a beginner, a senior golfer or on the PGA tour, using smart golf choices will make more difference to your game than you can imagine.

It’s simple and effective.

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Strategy is one of the biggest things you can improve that will have a profound effect on your golf game.

You can plot your way around a golf course and reverse engineer, every single hole to ensure that you’re not blocking yourself out by trees, hacking out a rough or short siding yourself or missing it in the wrong part of the green. And I’m gonna show you with some really cool technology and some wise decisions. You can cut several shots off your score today. Next time you play. One of the neatest tips I can give you is to reverse engineer your golf game. Meaning you actually start from the green and work your way backwards too often. We just get on a tee and well away, but you have to think quite precisely, even if you are a crap golfer, you have to reverse engineer because it’s giving your brain a task.

But instead of just making it arbitrary, we need to plot our strategy that matches our game, but also reduces any of the guesswork and helps you play quicker. One of the reasons why I chose this hole to demonstrate the whole 19 app that you can download on your phone and your watch, your smart watch to help you navigate your way around. It’s got some really cool features, which we will get into, but let’s take this green. For example, the pin is at the back. We have two tiers, not only one just along here, we have one much further forward where the green just drops away and rolls away. So you might think, well, heck I don’t wanna be short here because I’m gonna end up further down the fairway. It’s gonna roll back. Yes, but also we don’t necessarily want to be super long of a difficult approach that isn’t gonna help us get it on the center of the green or at least the correct tier.

Cause if we miss it high, we can hit a putt. That’s just gonna keep on rolling. Both of those things are gonna make it more stressful. We need to ensure that we have the club that gives us confidence to hit the green width. If you’ve been following me for a while, you know, I try and hit home the importance of strategy, cuz you’ve gotta tell your brain what you’re trying to do. And I’ve bought us to this hole here because it does catch quite a few people out. And I reckon there’s a whole pretty similar at your course, but it is a good one to help demonstrate. Now this hole isn’t on paper, relatively overly tricky, but there are some overhanging treats. There’s a little stream, not too far away, but the green is very tricky of what we’ve seen earlier. So we have to reverse engineer and plot our way back to make sure that we put ourselves in a good spot to get the center of the green.

And then also from thet, where do we want to put it? Now? I am not a huge sort of pusher of technology. Most of the time, I like to keep things simple. I certainly don’t like technology when it gets in our own way. When it detracts us from what we’re trying to do, the task, the strategy, the execution of what we’re trying to do. So for me to utilize something technology wise, it has to facilitate a simple, good golf game. And I’ve tried other apps in the past. I’ve tried GPS watches, obviously range finders and things like this. And a lot of them were just, they did too much. They were a bit too complicated. And I discovered this one called whole 19 whole 19 is to me a bit revolutionary because it is so easy to use. So when we actually look at this hole, it seems quite simple on paper, but as we look down the fairway, we can see that there are trees overhanging and on the app we can see as we zoom in exactly where they are. So we want to be sure that we can

Choose our spot. That’s meeting us in the fat part of the fairway that isn’t gonna block us out by the trees. And a lot of times people will just well away with the driver thinking they need to get it as far as possible, but it also, we don’t wanna leave it too far back because that’s gonna leave a very difficult second shot. If we’re further away, I wanna make sure that we hit a fat part of the fairway. If I go too far, you know, two 60, it really tightens in and there’s some overhanging trees. I don’t want that. But also if I bring it back a little bit, say, okay, let’s hit, you know, hybrid or three wood, whatever it might be for you only 220 yards. What happens is it gets super narrow just about there. And the chances of blocking yourself out with a second shot at even more increased for me. I’m just gonna go for like 2 42 50 here, um, with a, for just putting it up the left side of that fairway to make sure I’m not blocked by any trees or anything like that. So let’s just go ahead and choose my I’ve got my strategy. The app has helped that now I’m choosing my intermediate point. I’m gonna have a, just a practice swing to be smooth.

And I try and stop talking and just execute

A little bit quick, but we’re okay. I’ll do just fine. Let’s go and see where we’re at. Now. This app has, I think over 40,000 courses that you can utilize. It can be used on Android. It can be used on iOS. It’s all, it’s not just a GPS app either because yes, you could sort of use your range finders, but this is helping you see what’s beyond what your range fighter can see to know exactly where some problems are that might not be visible.

And also you can use it offline. It has Stableford, it has scoring systems.

It has tracking even it has a shot tracker that you can utilize just to see where you are going around the course. So it has all these extra features that you wouldn’t necessarily think are gonna be that useful or at the very least going to be something that don’t take a lot of time when you’re out in the golf course.

And what I love about the whole 19 app is it’s ease of use. So when you first open the app, you can see the courses that you’ve played before. I’ve only really used it here. Um, but there’s a couple of features where you can preview the course, which is really quite neat. So you can go to any course that you’ve never played before and kind of quickly get an idea of what features there are, what things to look out for. And actually one of the smartest things you can do is prepl pre strategize your way around, at least on some of the holes that appear to be a bit tricky, like there’s ninth hole, for example, you know, it’s a doglike. So what do you want to be hitting up to the top for? You know, uh, what problems do we need to look for after our tee shot?

You can make some notes on bear’s holes as well. Just to give you a good idea. Now, once you have kind of checked out the main sort of features of the app, you know, you can adjust your clubs here. So what you have distance wise for your driver, for your various woods, uh, your iron, what you hit approximately for each iron. So when you are actually on the golf course, when you are actually playing, so if I just go to here, so we go start round. So you can do scoring shot by shot. So you have the GPS, but you’ll be able to record the stats. You know, your, how many puts the driving accuracy, various things like this, or you can just do GPS, which is, you know, the bare bones, but still very effective shot by shot is gonna help you track every facet of your round.

Um, you know, this is only available with your phone, but it gives some fantastic kind of features. Once you’ve finished your rounds, you can see how many fairways you hit, how many greens in regulation, what scoring you did, uh, how many puts you hold, how good your scrambling was. Like, these are really cool features that you can utilize to see what you need to improve, see what you need help with. It’s a very easy to use app. And I just think it’s fantastic. I’ve suggested it for a lot of people. I’m not gonna bother saving that round, but yeah, you know, you can see what your average score is. You can see what, how many fairways you are hitting, how many holes you’re making your average distances of clubs. This is just a snapshot, but you know, that’s really going to help you see what to work on.

And if you are improving using the simple golf method, all right, so you can update your profile a little bit more here as well. Um, and there’s all sorts of features to be able to share your progress. You can see the weather like it does it all, but in a very easy manner. And you can see certain leaderboards here about what courses, what schools people have shot. You can create your own leaderboards, basically against your friends, against who you are playing against or whatever. So that’s a neat feature that I might show you in the future. This isn’t where my ball ended up. However, I wanted to come here to show you that this is the first sort of wide landing area that I pointed out with the app. And from here, we can see that. All right, we’ve definitely got a little bit longer to go.

We’ve got like 176 yards here. Okay. That makes sense to put ourselves in this position. It might be a slightly difficult shot for the second, but it’s a down site better than just picking up a club randomly, whether it’s a driver, a three word, it going 230 200, you know, 40 yards, but ending up over here and really all you’ve done is miss it like 25 yards, right? 20 yards, right? It’s not that bad, but come and look at this shot. It sucks no matter whether you’re on a bear light or a, you know, a FA a thick roughly that is a very difficult shot. And the only difference is like, if I had hit a, a hybrid off the T and still sort of push cut it, I’d be back up here in the safe part of the fairway with a shot. And I wouldn’t have known that if I haven’t have used the app, a new strategy to circumnavigate my way around to make sure that I eliminate as much as possible, these kind of crappy shots that we’re faced because here we’re toast, we can’t really do anything. All I can really do is sort of try to hack it out or clutter into the trees or hit a punch cut or something.

We don’t want that. So it’s not just about playing safe. It’s just about being smart. And some technology is gonna help us quick, quicker and better.

Okay. So we’ve managed to land it on the fat part of the fairway. But one of the main things I want you to remember is choosing the right club for your average distance, for your average contact. If you’re a higher handicapper, you’ve gotta increase that margin a bit. However, it does come with a word of caution because as we saw earlier, if you go too long, your return shot is gonna be very difficult. And if you don’t know the course, the app here, the whole 19 app is gonna be fantastic because not only can we see that we have the bunker that we certainly don’t wanna be short sided from. We don’t wanna land it on the front of the green, cause it’s gonna start coming and rolling all the way back towards us. But we also don’t wanna be too long over the green, cuz it’s all running downhill.

There’s a slope. And sometimes there’s a lot more problems past the green that your laser finder will not see. They could be a bunker. There could be a, a fall off. There could be water. You won’t even know, but the app can help us accomplish that. So it’s about trying to get pin high 95% of the time tiger woods. One of the reasons why he was so good is cuz he was actually quite conservative. He just tried to be pin high as much as he could. And this can help you do that. All I did was reverse engineer, what club hitting just an average easy shot would get me to, to ensure that I can get one on the green. I’m not blocked out by any of these trees or any of these trees because it happens all the time with people playing on here. 52 here she is, the wind is sort of blowing a bit left to, right. Um, and we can see where the flag is on the app as well, which is nice. But let’s gimme right into the middle of the green, which I am perfectly happy with. Okay. So there’s my strategy. I’m just gonna try and hit a low one into there, keeping it out of any blustery, wind, just trying to make a nice, solid contact,

But I know what club to hit. It’s reducing guesswork for me. I’m just gonna try and get this nice and clean a little bit quick.


Now that birdie put does help solidify everything that we’re trying to accomplish here. You saw some really terrible shots. You saw some good shots, but how easy it is to avoid the mistakes to plot your way around, to play quicker all by using a really cool app, either on your phone or your smartwatch, it make golf just a little bit easier. And the good thing is with this app, you can get an extra special discount. All you have to do is check the link below. It is fantastic. I promise you it’s gonna help you shave several shots off your app. As I mentioned before, I don’t often recommend much tech kind of stuff because it confuses me. And I feel like it interferes with a lot of things that we try and do. But the whole 19 app is so easy to use. It gives you some key features that genuinely are gonna help you play some better golf without distracting from your round and to track your progress. I’ve been looking for something like this for myself, and to be able to recommend to you guys. And honestly, this is exactly what I’ve been looking for. So go and check it out below. You can see how much the whole 19 app will help you and you get a discount just because you’re one of us. Thanks for watching and check out this lesson now, because this is gonna help you really play better on the course with a simple swing.

It’s the best golf app for rangefinder, ball tracking, shot stats and accurate GPS for lot’s of golf courses. Better strategy and using the Hole 19 app is going to improve your golf game more than most golf lessons and 1000 hours of golf practice.

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The art of simple golf and Alex Fortey review the Hole 19 GPS rangefinder and ball tracking app


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