Golf made simple with 3 steps to hole more putts and have a reliable putting technique for every golfer.

How to Putt BETTER with These 3 Easy Steps

You too can putt as well as Cameron Smith and this simple lesson you can use today

▶3 Simple Steps For Effortless Golf Swing Consistency

Any golfer can have a good putting stroke with these 3 simple steps because every golfer putts better with these easy putting tips.

I was never that great on the greens. I only wish I had know this when I was really trying to get good.

Things would have looked a lot differently.

In this video, we’re going to show you how to putt like a pro. If you’re new to golf or unsure of how to putt, this video is for you! We’ll start by teaching you the 3 easy steps to putting, and then we’ll show you how to putt like a pro. By the end, you’ll be putting like a pro and hole more putts in less time! \

The first putting lesson Set up – Posture and ball positionWeight should be distributed with 60% on the front side. The 2nd step to hole more putts is to have a positive and consistent finish for each putting stroke.

And to do this just like Cameron Smith putting technique who won The Open in 2022 with a great display of putting and the one key is the way he finishes each putting stroke.

You stick a finish and its the same for every putt.

You can try the drill to feel his the shoulders turn and the core activation to be a consistent putter. The 3rd simple step is the ability to have distance control with your putting. Being a good lag putter will stop 3 putts. The simple golf tip for your putting is the Length is of backswing variable. My suggestion is to have 3 base lengths to practice your putting and distance control.

Putting is 30-40% of your score.. and too many of you are just not good enough at it…

Now Im not trying to help you be the best putter in the world with these 3 simple steps… It sucks to miss a putt for asking to win some money of your friends… you need a reliable action that you can execute with confidence.

And these 3 steps will do just that.

This is not about reading greens .. this is to give you a big advantage over your friends you play.

Putting in many more of a mental skill than a physical one.

To master it, you need confidence to overcome the missed putts, and belief that you’ll make the one after –