How To Strike Irons Pure: Golf Swing Lesson to Dial in Your Circle

Strike your irons pure and Hit down on your irons and improve consistency. Simple golf swing tip to improve your golf swing to strike irons pure by understanding how the swing is a circle and how you set up to the golf ball and swing through is key.

The best tips are simple.

Ones that you can execute without needing to hit thousands of golf balls to see the results.

This simple golf tip for golf set up will give you instant feedback and results.

This will allow you to strike your irons better and teach you how to hit down on your irons.

One of the first things we get my Golf students to do is to understand that with an iron the bottom of the golf swing is after the golf ball and this means there is a slight downward hit.

We do not, however, tell them to strike down and at the ball but merely the golf swing is a circle that collects the grass and ball in the arc.

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