Ignite Your Irons To Transform Your Golf

Hit consistent iron shots, have more confidence on the course at hit more greens in regulation to significantly lower your scores on a regular basis.

Not only that, you will get really good at ball striking and have a simple golf swing you can rely on.

Not just for hitting irons pure, but for every club in the bag.

To quickly recap my latest video (that you should see before this one)… the number of greens you hit has a direct correlation to lower scores and you will hit more greens if you have confidence with every iron.

I also brought up my pal Mike who cut strokes off his game in an abnormally short amount of time. He was too focused on his score (which started with a 9), when he should’ve been focused on his greens in regulation. It is much easier to improve metrics that can be visualized, versus a number on a card.

He dropped 4 strokes instantly when his main objectives became:

Use clubs other than his 5 iron for his approach shots

Hit the ball on the green in regulation just 1-2 more times…

Keep in mind that in my private coaching session, I did not just simply tell him to hit more greens. We worked on a couple of different strategies and 1 key swing tip so he could gain more confidence.

There are not enough hours in the day for me to privately coach every single one of you and you might jump if you saw what I charge Mike.

That’s why I created the brand new Iron Ignitor Course, so every golfer can have the opportunity to boost their confidence with their irons and gain the consistency needed to maximize the enjoyment of the game.

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Even though we have discussed a lot about iron play, the same factors apply if you use hybrids. Everything we have touched on and the Iron ignitor program will help your approach play, strikes and scores even if you use hybrids instead of long irons for example.

In fact.. for the first 50 people I am giving you access to the Hybrids and Fairway woods series as a special bonus.

Now, I sent out an email to you yesterday about this on you can see on my page, hopefully you can see this video and this article that I piece together that covers the main things.

When it comes to confidence, greens in regulation and the correlation that it has on your enjoyment of the game, your scores and your consistency, but how you go about it as well. And then I shared a story about a student of mine that I will get back on, but you know, I’ll tell you something, because he actually sent me email after just one session that is gonna blow your mind and you might have seen it already, but you’re it’s below now.



I’ve received dozens and dozens of emails from folks who watched the video, who saw the emails that have been talking about really opening their minds to what’s possible and why they’re struggling.

And you know there some were about…

“yeah, I am, you know, that is me. I stand over a few of my clubs and my confidence just goes out the window. The anxiety is just too much.”

I’ve got other people saying they went back to an old scorecard from a couple of days before and marked down how many greens they hit and what kind of score that came up with.
Then they also did it with another round a couple of days before that, trying to backtrack and see how many greens in regulation they hit it… And the correlation between the, how many greens hit in regulation and the score was undeniable.

And you know, if you haven’t already, please do go back and watch this video and you can see it right here on the website.

You just go back or you can see it from the emails that I sent, but once you get a good understanding, a lot, all this will make a lot more sense. But those emails that I’ve got of, of how much it resonates with people really is a good thing because it shows amongst my research and what I’ve been doing for several months, it really shows just how much people need this.

Not only the awareness, but actually the solution as well.

But achieving those things… understanding why and how to do it is going to be crucial.

I had to find a way to deliver this solution, to help all these facets as swiftly concisely, and as simple as possible. And that’s where this came in and it’s called the Iron Ignitor.

It’s a six step process, really a six step formula that has to be done in sequence that has to be done correctly.

And you will get the results, not just what my, like, excuse me, achieved in just one day, cuz he’s gone on a lot further than that, but what you can accomplish when you do things right now, it was really created as I say here to, and I’ve mentioned to give the confidence and the skills and knowledge to get the systems strikes to cut your scores, of course, but really to enjoy the game.

  • It doesn’t matter what level you’re at.
  • Doesn’t matter what age you’re at.
  • This will transform the way you start playing every single round.

Now you will, as I say here, you know, will resonate with Mike because we all have those favorite clubs. It just depends on the level. You know how severe it is if you will, but just like Mike, when he realized how effective it can be to be a bit more consistent with the iron to hit more greens, even just too around the effect that can have on his score is shooting 5, 4, 5 shots better. I think it was just by hitting two more grains that’s it doesn’t mean the rest of the game. Doesn’t need a little bit of help, but we can really make the biggest sort of dent and improvement jump. If you will, by focusing on your approach, play and hitting those iron better. Right? So you, the thing is we sometimes kind need a wake up a shock to go, oh man, I can’t I’ve because we as humans, right? As I say, here, we get stuck. We get embedded with what’s comfortable to us, whether it benefits us or not where creatures of habit. So sometimes it takes someone like me to shake you by the car and say, look, you’re just wasting your time doing this.

This lets us focus on here, let’s do these things and you will break the pattern, break that frustration and see the consistency results. And yes, you’ve got to be realistic with your expectations, but it doesn’t mean that we settle with crap golf. It just means we have to have incremental improvements. If you’re only hitting two greens, you’re not gonna go out and hit, you know, more than the tall players, you’re not gonna go and hit 70%. You might have the odd round like that. But instead of beating yourself up, let’s just focus on getting two more greens. So up to four and doing that on average, you were shooting in the eight hits. It’s quite amazing. But you know, once we’ve kind of let go of the expectations and once we’ve understood how much effect confidence can be and getting out of our comfort, that is debilitating to us, we can then start accelerating and seeing really amazing results very quickly.

And that’s where this six step Iron Ignitor program comes in and why I built it, why I created it the way it does, and it’s gonna help every iron in the bag.

It’s gonna help your consistency to stop those really crap shots that are, you know, hitting the fat, hitting them the in shanking, pushing, pulling, just losing those good strikes. And not only that we’re gonna refine how well you improve your good strikes. So it’s not just, oh, that’s okay. We’re gonna get better at the good ones too. So not only we’re gonna make the worst ones, not so bad, we’re gonna improve the good ones and kind of bridge that gap a little bit more to get those sweet feeling strikes.

And when you know why you’re hitting some of the bad ones, you’ll stop kind of doing them again and again, let alone in the, you know, the same shot after shop or round, but we can week out, we start pushing them away because you learning, you know, the fastest simplest ways to hit iron and to hit more greens. And yeah, it’s about hitting the greens. It’s getting more power, but it’s doing it effortlessly, but here’s the thing you’re gonna see results right away. Just like Mike did and actually like hun hundreds of others. But I’m just using Mike as the example.

And we talked about just how much it can be, the difference when you hit four greens now and you suddenly hit six that’s, five shots around, that’s it. T

here’s not a huge goal to aim for.

So we’re not chasing all these different rabbits of driving, putting short game, whatever it might be.

Let’s just focus on here first. Now, if you don’t know me I, I appreciate you watching this, but you can, there’s this a little bit about me here, about who I’ve worked with with my kind of level of playing, how many people we’ve helped across the world and the sort of goal of what we’re doing here. And yeah, I mentioned why I created this course. It was because I could see what people needed and it’s why I create a lot of my courses, but using Mike as the sort of poster, hopefully shows that it is specifically for you, no matter what level you’re at, because I know there’s going to be gaps.

Apart from helping your actual swing, it’s going to really help your consistency and the fun you have on the golf course.

It’s getting the basics, right… Getting more consistency and confident, really learning how to compress and strike the ball pure. Even if you’ve got a slow swing speed to kind of hit it like a that squeeze it, you know, that sexy strike. It feels so good. We want that more often right now. We also want to hit it straighter.

There’s no point hitting irons pure if it’s going all over the shop.

So to learn how to square the face up, to learn how to hit it, where you want, doesn’t just mean arrow straight, but to hit the ball where you want reliably, even with the swing is gonna be huge benefit.

And obviously we talk about hitting more greens. I’m gonna show you how to do it, but it’s all about this sequential process. And then finally we can tap on the gas for a bit more power to turn those six hands into eight times, whatever it might be.

Now, a lot of this does apply to your full swing and regular game as well, but you get tons of drills.

So with that said, let me show you sort of on the inside, if you will, after you log into the program, which right now you can get it. If you follow the link below, you can get it for a 30% off. I’m doing it just this week. But keep in mind, Mike pays hundreds a month to me for my time.

If we were just to have an online lesson, it would be more than this. Just one time lesson. If we were to work together, it would be over $150, and more than $200 to work with me in person.

So this is really a bargain for what you’re getting. And this series took like 60 hours of my time, maybe even more as it’s including, not just the formulation of and the construction of the simple golf consistent irons program.. how I wanted to lay it out, put it the things that I needed to put in the needed, the things that I took out. We had the, the filming for a couple of days, the, you know, hours and hours of editing, piecing it all together. The, the time and value and knowledge I’ve put into this is massive.

So for 87 bucks, it’s beyond a bargain.

I’m actually even giving a guarantee with it. So you do even get a guarantee if you’re not enjoying it, if you’re not seeing the consistency, if it isn’t what you expected, which it should be, because I’ve gone on enough here kind of showing what it is, then you can get your money back, but I know it’s going to help you.

This is Golf. Simplified.

Alex Fortey

P.S. I’m going to show you how to get a consistency and confidence breakthrough… Learn more about the Iron Ignitor here

Hit consistent iron shots, have more confidence on the course at hit more greens in regulation to significantly lower your scores on a regular basis. Not only that, you will get really good at ball striking and have a simple golf swing you can rely on.

Not just for hitting irons pure, but for every club in the bag.

ignite your irons simple golf Alex Fortey (2)