Better golf swing without needing to practice hitting golf balls.

Yes you can improve your golf swing even if you don’t have the time or even the weather to hit golf shots on the practice range or get out onto the golf course. With these 3 simple drills you can do to improve golf at home, the benefits will improve your swing technique, sequence and positions.

The golf swing drills are;

1) Turn and tilt – Left shoulder down, right shoulder down. This will help your ballstriking by being more consistent with the shoulder turn and tilt angle with a checkpoint and drill.

2) Upper, lower, Upper swing sequence. Using the feet together, turn the upper body, step and then turn upper body enables to release a more natural and instinctive kinetic golf swing sequence. And you can train it with this move

3) Right arm fold – THis is a perfect addition to the others because it educates the feel you want your arms to flow in the swing without forcing it too much. We still want to be natural, but sometimes we have to encourage. Now all of these can be done separately or as combination.

Perform as many as you like and often as you like to educate the feels for your golf swing. But ensure you dial in to the SIMPLE process and make sure you are reacting and responding the the shot and objective you want to achieve on the course. for ultimate golf lessons free.

Alex Fortey from the Art of Simple Golf gives you a simple golf tip to improve your address position and posture to have a better golf swing. Practice is important if you want to really improve at golf; there is no way around it.

Heading to the driving range to shoot balls is a good start but in order to improve your swing, you need to have a practice plan. This starts with identifying areas in your swing where you come off short and fix those areas.

Regular practice will improve golf swing technique and help you gain mastery of your overall swing. And here is the interesting part, you can practice anywhere without a club. Sounds unbelievable and hard to comprehend right? You are thinking; how is it possible to practice golf without a club?

Yes, it is possible to practice your golf swings without a club.We don’t wan’t you to compare to the PGA Tour pros and the LPGA tour pros, we can learn simple golf swing principles that don’t require a lot of athleticism and don’t need you to hit thousands of balls to ingrain the new golf swing technique.

By transforming your swing into a swing that looks like theirs, you’ll be using your body as well. Enjoy this golf video to help you get closer to having a perfect golf swing.. YOUR perfect golf swing