This is a feeling to help you get through to the ball with a nice full release. Doing this will enable you to have more consistency and a more blanced swing that is stress free and delivers better speed and effortless strikes.

Some of you are trying to force it a little bit too much through with the body…

You’re kind of stabbing at it. Hitting At the golf ball.

Now we have other videos where we’re talking about letting gravity pull you through, but this feeling might help you rotate to a full finish without pausing you too much.

I want you to feel the lead elbow pointing down upon the completed golf swing.

Now we’re not focused on positions cause as soon as we do that too much, you are going to lose focus on what’s important. But the feeling is that left arm follow through is pointing down and it will give you a bit more of a higher finish but a little bit more control.

And what you might find is that might be able to give you a few little draw shots and it might be a nice sensation.

So as you come down through your swing, there’s not much difference, but just feel like you’ve got your finished position.

That elbow is a little bit down because some of you might be finishing like you are trying to force or losing balance. Or even chicken winging. It’s all about poise and control because to make this happen, other good things have to happen before it.

So on your next practice session, or when you’re just swinging at home, feel like that elbow is sort of rotating a little bit more connected to your left side a bit more, and you’ve got that nice balance finish you might find it gives you some nice, smoother swings that you can trust.

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