Magic For An Effortless Golf Swing You’re Not Using But Should!

Golf swing hip move in the downswing is literally a game changer for your golf swing. When a golfer uses this in transition the swing has more flow and effortless power helps the downswing and your consistency.

Stop complicating your downswing.

When you get to the top of the swing, DON’T PANIC.

Think about throwing a baseball.

Your head isn’t bombarded with a thousand thoughts throughout each step of the wind up, the follow through, etc.

Your golf swing should feel the same way.

In order to do this, we have to have the best structure possible.

And it all starts with the hips. (don’t get cheeky)

You should feel your hips move toward the target before completing your backswing.

Naturally, your body is going to not only rotate, but fall in the direction the ball is headed.

This is what you can practice at home..

When simulating a backswing, you should feel your pelvis turn behind and “fall”.

In a constant fluid motion, feel your hips moving towards the target.

Don’t go too far though, then you’ll end up stuck.

It’s a very subtle movement.

Practice slowly at first and make sure it feels natural.

You must make sure your hips are not extending out or behind you. 

You should really feel the flow.

Make your backswing, gather the weight and fall.