This Short Game Practice Style Really Works To Get Better Golf Scores Next Time You Play After You Try This

This chipping, pitching and bunker practice actually helps you play better golf!

I know you wonder why why you don’t play as well as you do when you practice your golf and this simple golf lesson and challenge will show you a big reason why! This Short game practice will give results more than you realize on the course. 

Chipping, pitching and bunker Short Game Challenge that helps a golf beginner to a senior golfer or a PGA tour pro. This is Scoring Simplified If you want to shave strokes off your scores fast, you need to be able to perform from when it matters and chipping around the green.

That’s where the majority of golf happens, but ironically only the best golfers are the ones mastering that skill …while the average and below average golfers wail away on their driver swing after swing. Knowing the power of performing well from 40 yards and in for chipping around the green, how to play bunker shots and getting up and down more consistently so you can begin to start shaving strokes off your scores while only spending a few minutes a week sharpening your short game. I call it scoring simplified.

You’re not going to have to practice for hours on end to see results. Just a few short minutes once or twice a week and you’ll see your scores immediately start to drop.

* Play 9 total holes of up and inHit a chip and putt out. * Select 3 easy holes, 3 medium difficulty holes, and 3 difficult holes.

* The goal is to get 21 strokes or less.

* The all-time best score is 17.

* Up and down the all.

* Decent score 21- 0k 23- good.

Finding a groove on the driving range and then heading to the course only to see your “chipping and putting practice” quality disappear is a very frustrating thing.

For our game to better translate from the practice range to the course, try this fun short game and putting practice.