New Vs Old Driver And How To Improve Your Golf Game And Swing Tempo

With all the technology available today, what is the benefit of using a 30 year old golf driver that is actually made out of wood and the size of a tiny 3 metal compared to now?

Here Alex Fortey shares some driving tips to help you hit the golf ball straighter, hit longer drives and ultimately have more fun on the golf course. You may not be able to hit it 300 yards, but it’s rewarding and fun to play golf with old challenging golf clubs. It helps the tempo of your driver swing, it helps the consistency with the driver and improves confidence in your swing .

Do you do this on every drive and ruin your consistency and end up frustrated and scratching your head as to why?

Alex Fortey from the Art Of Simple Golf shares some simple golf tips to learn how to hit the driver better on the course.

And it’s nothing to do with swing technique or positions…