3 Simple Golf Tips From Open Champion Paul Lawrie

What does one of the world’s very best golfers have to say when asked what the best, most simple and effective golf tips are to improve your game with instant results and without complication?

In this interview Paul Lawrie (Open Champion, Ryder Cup player and European Tour Star) shares his 3 best and most simple golf tips that you can use right away.

These simple golf lessons work for him and his famous smooth golf swing and they will help you too!

You can learn a lot from Paul Lawrie and his golf swing because it’s simple and it works.

As Paul discusses in the interview he states that he too fell down to the over instruction for golf that is over complicated and confusing which ultimately led to poor play. He knows what works for him.

  • #1 Golf Tip is to not rush your takeaway.
    When you pull the club away with a smooth controlled pace, your swing will be more consistent and powerful too. THis is the only aspect that Paul Lawrie works on in his golf swing nowadays. Simply start as you want to go on.So if you think your golf swing is too fast, slow it down especially on the take away. When you think it’s slow, go slower! There is no rush!
  • #2 Golf tip – Ensure your sternum is ahead of the ball in chipping and pitching.
    He sees too many amateur golfers struggle around the greens and a simple tip for chipping to move ball back will help you get backspin and consistency.
  • #3 Golf Tip – Choose more club into the greens.
    This is a big lesson that will help you play better golf and improve ball flight because you will have a good increase of clubhead speed without force. Most importantly however you will get better contact so you will hit more greens because you hit better irons pin high.paul lawrie golf swing
    Most of the trouble is at the front of the green as well so next time you play a a golden rule club up!

So there you have 3 simple golf tips from an Open Champion, Ryder Cup and European Tour Star.

These lessons if you put into practice will really make a difference to your golf swing and game to help you shoot lower scores.

This is Golf. Simplified.

Alex Fortey